"Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus." Philippians 2:5....."For those who would learn God's ways, humility is the first thing, humility is the second, humility is the third." Augustine...."Having an attitude is inevitable. Scripture says to choose His." Chris Tiegreen

One of the biggest TV shows of the 1980's was "The A-Team," and one of it's biggest stars was Mr. T as B.A. "Bad Attitude" Baracus. It's not a great surprise as to why this might be. There's a whole tribe of people, particularly in the church, who might share his moniker.
The way of the Father, the Son, and the Spirit is one of humility. Maybe that's why Augustine gave a three part definition of His ways. Yet how often is that really your way and mine? How much of our lives really resemble the way of B.A. Baracus and not that of Christ the King? Another translation of Philippians 2:5 reads, "Have this attitude IN YOU which is also in Christ." That means it's an inner attitude that resides within our heart and moves steadily outward, impacting every aspect of our lives. It is the attitude of humility, and that attitude is to mark the lives of all who call themselves His. The thing about humility is, it can't co-exist with pride. One or the other will reign. Which is reigning in you and me?
We speak much within the church of "having a vision." To what degree, especially as leaders, is that vision carried out with a spirit of humility? How much of it moves in nothing but pride? To what degree are we determined to get people to fall in line with what we want, rather than pointing to Christ and where He is leading? And trusting Him to move and bring hearts along with the vision He, and not we have cast? Pride pushes and pressures others to do what it wants. Humility leads along at a pace those being led can follow. Jesus always knew where He was going. The disciples more often than not seemed totally clueless about it all. Imagine the frustration He must have felt. Pride would have resulted in Him browbeating them for their slowness to see what He saw. Humility kept Him with them, believing that the Father, "who keeps that which is committed to Him," would get them all to the place He set before them. Do we believe the same?
What would happen if husbands and fathers led their wives and families with a spirit of humility instead of pride? What if wives and children yielded to that leadership with that same spirit instead of one of prideful resistance...which is a kinder word for rebellion. What if pastors led in the same way? What if church boards and congregations followed in like manner? What would happen in the church, and through the church, the world, if the attitudes that marked us were really as radically different as those of the world's? What if we didn't seek first place, but instead His place for us? What if getting into His Way meant everything, and having our way didn't? What if we really did have the attitude in us that is always in Him? Why do most of our statements in these things begin with "What if?"
I've spent more time with the attitude of B.A. Baracus than I have with that of Jesus Christ. Pride, and not humility has too often held the upper hand. Pride can get the job done, but only for a bit. Pride builds on sand and yields nothing but wood and stubble. Humility builds upon the Rock of Christ, and the fruit is eternal. So, when that day comes to stand before Him and give account, what will be exposed as our life attitude? Pride....or humility? Which has the upper hand in our life? I expect our answer is found in all the places where we're trying to get the upper hand right now. Where are you trying? The answer and solution, like all answers and solutions, can only be found at the cross. That's where our pride is nailed, and our humility is found.

Pastor O
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