Heart Thoughts

Hero’s.  We all have them.  People we want to be like.  People whose traits and characteristics we want to have.  There’s nothing wrong with this.  We all need role models, who possess things that are well worth emulating.  Even Paul wrote that members of the church should strive to be “imitators of me.”  However, we can really stray into some very unhealthy areas when we strive so hard to be like someone else, that we are no longer ourselves, who we were created to be in Christ.
     Right now, pastors, writers, and speakers such as Rick Warren, John Maxwell, Bill Hybels, Beth Moore, Joyce Meyer and a host of others are greatly impacting the church and the individual lives within it.  Yet, how many have tried to be Warren and Maxwell, to achieve what they have in the Kingdom, and failed, leaving much spiritual wreckage.  How many worship leaders have tried to be Darlene Zschech of Hillsongs….and failed.  Yet, it needn’t be any of these well known leaders.  It can be anyone we see achieving something or living out something in their walk and ministry that we would like to achieve as well.  We try to move out in their giftings…their armor, whether we possess them or not.  Whether the armor fits us or not.  The result will always be failure and disappointment, for God did not create you and I to move about in what He gave to them, but what He gave to us.
     In I Samuel 17:38-39, David has volunteered to go out and face the giant Goliath, who had the whole army of Israel cowering in fear.  Saul, the king, offered David his own armor for the battle, but after trying it on, David said, “I can’t go in these…..I’m not used to them.”  He chose instead five smooth stones, and armed only with a sling and a staff, moved out to battle.  A battle God Himself had called him to, and God knew exactly what “equipment” he would need.
     God made you and I to be who we are, not who someone else may be, but so many of us live in deep frustration because we can’t do what another can do.  We can’t preach as well, lead as well, sing as well, or most tellingly, achieve as much success as someone else has.  As a result, we feel like failures.  We’ve tried to face the giants, but are consistently overcome, as we always will be when we seek to slay them while wearing anothers armor.  David went out to meet Goliath with the weapons God had trained him with, and in the presence and power of God.  As Beth Moore says, “No giant will ever be a match for a big God with a little rock.” 
     Yes, we all need role models, but you and I are not called to be the person who is the role model.  We are called to be who He made us to be.  For each of us, there are giants to be faced, and we will face them with the weapons He has given us, and in Him, we will slay the giants.  We need to shed the armor that is not ours.  We need to rejoice in just who it is He’s created us to be.  Few outside our circle may ever really come to know of us, but be assured, the giants we slay know us, and tremble.  Best of all, our Father knows us and rejoices in who He made us to be.  You are fearfully and wonderfully made, and regardless of how small you think yourself in comparison to the challenges you face, a big and mighty God stands with you.  Move out.  Slay the giants…..in your armor.

Pastor O

   May 2019   
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