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"Now He is far above any ruler or authority or power or leader or anything else in the world or in the world to come. And God has put all things under His feet....."....."My chains fell off, my heart was free. I rose, went forth, and followed Thee." Charles Wesley...."The most important thing in life is becoming who you were made to be." Rich Mullins


I've a pastor friend that likes to say that He's placed all things under our feet so that there may be nothing over our heads. Think on what that means for a bit.....We're all familiar with the concept of someone "holding something over our heads." Some failure, some transgression, some secret sin or act. No one is more of a master in this than the enemy of our souls, satan, and he's succeeded in doing so with millions of sons and daughters of God. He has managed to shackle the spirits and souls of countless numbers of His people, always holding "something" as concerns their lives "over their heads." He's able to do so with his lie that though all things may be under His feet, they can never be under ours. He may grudgingly admit to the supreme authority of Christ, but he will deny at every turn that this same authority is ours in Christ. He's done well at getting so many to believe this lie. Has he succeeded in doing so with you? What is it that he is right now holding over your head?


We may know the truth of His Word that "all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God," but the enemy is very gifted at convincing us that we have fallen much shorter than anyone else. Our failures and sins are of the sort that can't really be forgiven, or that our brokenness is such as to be beyond repair. He has put a label upon us, and we have accepted the label. We live out our lives under the power of his lie....and never experience the power of Christ's Truth. In Wesley's great hymn, he wrote of the dark dungeon he sat in, and of how the glorious Light of Christ caused that dungeon to flame with His Light. It was then that he rose, stepped out, and walked with His Lord, captive no more. Has such a thing ever really happened with you? What things from the past, or fears of the future does the devil continue to hold over your head? What has he convinced you of concerning your life that can't really be redeemed and forgiven, or that you can be free from? Where has he convinced you that the blood of Christ is not sufficient for that? Where are you being held captive under the feet of the enemy, when in Christ, it is he who's completely under the feet of the Lord? And if we are in Christ, than he is under our feet as well.


I think one of the least understood aspects of what it is to be in Christ is that of knowing what our real authority in Him is; the authority of the believer. We have ceded power over to the enemy that he has no legal right to. The Word tells us that all things are under His feet. How can this truth leave anything out of that equation? All things includes all of "our things." Your things. It is time, past time, for us to live out that truth. Are you and I ready to do so? Can we believe so?

What does the devil hold over your head today? Your past failures with the Lord Himself? As a husband, wife, father, mother? Have you believed the lie that what you've done or had done to you has eliminated you from living the life of an overcomer, of entering into the fullness of His Life? Reject the lie. Receive the Truth. All things are under His feet, and so under ours as well. Live the life we're called to...all things under our feet, nothing over our heads. It's the life you and I were made for.

Pastor O


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