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Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today, and forever." Hebrews 13:8...."It is said that George Muller kept on his desk a motto bearing the central words of this text, 'AND TODAY.' Vance Havner

In writing upon Hebrews 13:8, Havner asks, "Is not many a Christian experience....strong in the faith in the Christ of yesterday and forever, but very weak in faith in His presence and power today?" What is your and my answer to his question? That verse of Scripture has been part of my bedrock confession for most of my walk in and with Him. Yet I have to confess that while I could be steadfast in my trust in who He is for my yesterday and my forever, I struggled in believing Him for my today. Would you admit the same?
George Muller established a ministry for orphans in 19th century England that grew to a remarkable size. The needs and challenges it faced were overwhelming, particularly in the financial area. It was his steadfast practice to tell no one but God about these challenges and needs. Needs that arose on a daily basis. Muller believed that not only was He more than enough in his yesterday's, and would be so in his tomorrow's, He believed He was more than enough in his "today." It is in our "today's" that our hearts most often faint. It is the needs, dangers, impossibilities of today that are most likely to defeat us. It is in our today that we are most in danger of giving up, letting go, running away. What is happening in your "today,"
We may have a wonderful testimony as to what He has done in our yesterday's. We may have a wonderful confidence in Him concerning our forever, but what is happening in our heart with Him today? What is happening now? It is here that He must be the most real to us, but it is here where He most often isn't. The giants, mountains, and enemies loom larger, scarier, and more impossible in our "today." In our "now." What do we believe about Him, about His faithfulness, His love, His Do we really live in victory in our "now?"
What is the greater part for you and me? Today, and all that it holds, or Him, and all that He is? One or the other holds sway. ONE....or the other, and we need to know who that "other" is. The enemy of our soul attacks us in our every "today." He comes against us now. He will defeat us, defeat you, today....unless we know, you know, that the Jesus Christ who has overcome the world....overcomes it today. Overcomes it now.
I expect that the motto on Muller's desk was also burned into his heart and mind by the Holy Spirit. Many of us have such Scriptural verses displayed in our homes and workplaces. That's good. Are they mottoes on our walls and desks, or Truth embedded in our hearts and spirits? Only the latter bring us victory What is His Truth, His Presence for you and me? A motto on our wall....or a Truth, a Person, in our heart?

Pastor O
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