He says, "Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth." Psalm 46:10......"What would happen if everyone in the church spent the whole week alone with God and then came together? That would change everything." Francis Chan


There's a fairly common saying in the church, "Let God be God." I really liked what I heard a woman named Liz Curtis Higgs say about that. She said, "Why would we say 'let God be God?' He's already God." I get the fact that we can refuse His activity in our lives, but our refusal does not for a moment weaken or change who He is in any way. He is Almighty in every sense of the word, and beyond our every sense. He is, with no limitations or reservations, God. He doesn't need our permission to be so, and even our refusal to recognize that cannot keep Him from accomplishing His purposes. God Almighty will be God Almighty because He is God Almighty. If we really knew that, believed that, it would, as Chan says, change everything.


The words of Psalm 46:10 are very familiar ones among professing believers. We have them on framed pictures in our homes. Our children and teens memorize them in their quizzing exercises. We're very familiar with the verse. If only we were as familiar with the God of Whom that verse speaks. We speak of being still before Him, but we don't know how to be so. Our culture bombards us with noise and sensory attractions. It's not just our children who have no idea of what to do with themselves apart from these, neither do we. We don't really know what quiet is like. It seems to scare us. The result then is a prayerless church, too often led by prayerless pastors. We don't know what Brother Lawrence called, the practice of His Presence. The result then is that when we can't deeply experience Him in our individual time with Him, we seek a magnified sensory experience of Him when we come together. It makes us feel like we're really in His Presence.....except that once we leave the building, so does the sense of being with Him....because in many ways, we haven't been. We go in hoping His Presence will come. He stands before us desiring that we would come to His Presence which is always, always there. And not just in the building.

Someone said that the church is to be a counter-culture, not a sub-culture of the society in which it's found. What do we more look like? What do you look more like? In my first year at Bible College, the small, local Christian station in town would often play a song with the lyric, "A Christian and an outlaw are rebels to the world," with the refrain, "Come alive in the Spirit of the Lord." Rebels to the world, not by-products of it. Soaked in His Presence, bursting with the aroma of His Life. A fragrance of life in a dying, already dead world. If we would truly become this, we would no longer come together with some faint hope that there will be something in our "worship" that will help us somehow make it through another week. Instead, there's a joining together of a people, a body, who have been drenched in His Life, and the coming together brings an explosion of His Holy fire, that burns in and through us day by day. We live and worship in His Presence at all times, and our gatherings are an overflow of what is happening individually in us each day......And it all begins with our being still....before Him......knowing that He is God. And the result is He is exalted everywhere. We haven't let God be God, we've discovered in ever increasing ways that He is God. Almighty, neverending, God.

Paul said at the end of his life and ministry, that his one consuming desire was to know Christ, and the power of His resurrection. What if this truly became our consuming desire? Wouldn't it, as Chan says, change everything?

Pastor O

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