Be Still, Let Go, Know Him

"He says, 'Be still and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nation, I will be exalted in the earth.' " Psalm 46:10


Psalm 46:10 is the memorized and favorite verse of so many. We quote it and love it. Do we live it? More, do we really know what the verse is saying to us to begin with?


I heard a commentator on the verse say that the actual Hebrew meaning for the words " be still" is to "let go." I would say that in our chronically busy, constantly moving culture, we know little of what it is to be still. I think we know even less of what it means to let go. The level of stress, anxiety, frustration and fear in our lives proves the reality of that. Psalm 46:10 commands us to be still, not only before Him, but in Him. As we are still, we release everything we are holding in our "hands" and in our heart. We let go and surrender them all to Him. When all of the distractions, obsessions, burdens, and all the accompanying emotions that go with them are yielded to Him, we're then able to focus upon Him. We're able to "know Him," and as we know Him, we finally begin to see Him in His glory and grandeur. He is exalted above everything that has kept our focus from Him. It's a process and it all begins with our being still and letting go. And the result will be an overwhelming desire to know Him. A desire He will always be faithful to fulfill.

That process sounds so simple, but few of us seem able to enter into it. I've heard it said that most of us live more like "Christian atheists," as believers who don't really believe in the God they profess to have faith in. We make choices, follow pathways, and live life relying upon our own faculties...and as if He didn't exist. It was said of the Pharisees that when confronted with the reality of the Messiah they said they were looking for, they didn't believe the God they said they believed in. They knew the Scriptures and all that they said about Him. They knew His promises. They didn't know the Promisegiver when He stood before them. They couldn't let go of their expectations, their definitions, and their limitations. They missed Him, and so do we when we behave in the same way.

Where are we missing Him today? What is it, coupled with our hectic lifestyle, that we cannot let go of? What have we allowed to be exalted above Him? Our desire for control? Our refusal to allow Him to heal old, still open wounds? Our insistence upon continuing to carry the burden when He has commanded us to release it to Him? Our nursing bitterness, anger, unforgiveness? What of these, and more, have we exalted above Him, and allowed to keep us continually going around in spiritual and emotional circles? In what areas of our hearts and lives does He remain unknown? Where do we refuse to believe the God we say we believe in?


A simple process; be still, let go, know Him, be lifted up. Simple, but impossible for the flesh. It only happens through the leading, filling, and empowering of His Holy Spirit. Are you ready to enter into that holy process? Or, do you continue to run around in circles? Exhausting yourself and everyone else. He is before us. He whispers, "Be still before Me. Let go of everything to Me. Know Me as I am, and not as you think Me to be. I will be lifted up, and I will lift you up with Me. I am your victory."

Pastor O


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