Blocking God
"He who has ears to hear, let him hear." Matthew 11:15
We are living in a time where few seem willing to listen to anything that they don't like, disagree with, or that makes them uncomfortable. On social media, you can "block" the comments of others who do any and all of that. Now, I'll be the first to say that there is a great deal of "commentary" found in our culture that needs no listening ear. There is hatred, anger, being spewed out regularly and increasingly on every level of modern communication. More of it isn't needed. Yet there is One whose words are likely cut off, blocked, more than any other. That One is He who created us, sustains us, who, as His Word tells us, "holds all things together in Christ." We block Him out to our great harm. A harm that will carry out through eternity.

We like to think that it is only the "unbelievers" who do this. They reject His message of our need for deliverance from sin, and of His salvation that is offered through Christ. I've encountered many who do this. The Apostle Paul often engaged in conversations with those who were without Christ. Yet when his words began to penetrate their conscience, and bring conviction of need to their heart, they would abruptly end the dialogue, and most often, with anger. Blocking that which we don't care to hear has a long history in the human condition. I've seen it time and again. Eyes become stony, matching the condition of the heart. Whatever part of them may have been listening, no longer is. I've learned to recognize that "look," and every time I see it, my heart grieves anew. As I write this, might you be among them? Can you hear what He is saying? Or has the hardness of your heart once again "blocked" His voice, His Truth, His Life?
Yet it isn't the unbeliever only who does this. No, we who call ourselves believers in Him, do the same, and oftentimes on a daily basis. The unbeliever in us blocks out those words He speaks that we don't care to hear. Those words that expose those things in our lives that our completely counter to His Life in us. Various lusts for things we value more highly than Him. The indulgence of things in our life that we know to be sin, yet have managed to convince ourselves are acceptable because, well, we simply want them there. Aspects of immorality whether sexual, ethical, or simply ingrained in our attitudes and prejudices. These things have seeped into our hearts, minds and lives, and become strongholds. Strongholds out of which the enemy operates...against Him, and in our deafness, against us.
With the advancement of technology, we have found a myriad of new ways to avoid, to block out His voice. We have become highly skilled at letting in every voice but His. We tune them in while we tune Him out. What will be the end of it? I've never done a study, but I would have to believe that one of the most used words in the Bible must be "Listen!" Do we? Do you? Do His words register upon your heart? Or, will you go on finding new and "better" ways of blocking Him?
Recently I pondered the latest words of one who has for many years now, succeeded in blocking every attempt of the sharing of His words of Life. I thought, with a grieving heart, that one day, if this continues, they will stand before Him, and nothing they do will be able to block the reality of who He is, and the consequences of rejecting His voice and words. That day will come for each of us. For so many, that day will be too late to listen, to hear and receive what He says. With Him, the time is always "Now!" He speaks now. Will you hear and receive now? ......I heard a friend say that to "die in your sin was to die in the delusion that you can live apart from Him." It is delusion to think you can truly block His reality out. He is real. He is there. He What do you do with

Pastor O
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