Heart Thoughts Choosing Mountains 8/11/12

In the matter of our life journey, mountains are not generally a welcome occurrence.  They’re steep, and require much exertion to climb.  They’re big, and tend to block out sight of everything….sometimes even the Father Himself.  More, they can be so awesome that they make us think that they hide us from His eyes as well.  Mountains are not things to be chosen, but avoided.  When we encounter them, our first impulse is to ask the Lord to “remove them into the sea.”  After all, didn’t Jesusencourage us to do just that?  The thing is, God’s “Removal Service,” tends to not resemble any of our preconceived notions as to what that should be.
More, we would never, ever think that the process would involve first choosing the mountain to be there to begin with.  We’re looking for the flat, easy path.  Pain free, problem free.  The way ahead is clear.  Mountains obstruct.  Mountains are very problematic.  Mountains could never be from Him, who has our best interests at heart at all times.  At least, that’s how it is, or should be, from our perspective.  Ours, but somehow, not His.
     In Isaiah 49:11, The Lord says to the people, “I will turn all Mymountains into roads.”  His mountains.  Owned by Him, placed there by Him.  Yes, the enemy may lurk there, plot there, await us there, but these mountains don’t belong to him, but to our God.  He rules there, and not the adversary.  Yet, there can be no denying, the mountains are real, imposing, even frightening.  We pray they be removed, but when we open our eyes, very likely, they’ll still be there.  What’s the Father up to anyway?  Why won’t He honor His promise?  If we ask, and we get any answer at all, it will most likely be “My ways are not your ways.  Press on.”  He may add another word as well.  That would be “Surrender.”  We need to surrender to the appearance of things, so that He may reveal to us His reality in the midst of it all.  Instead of running from the mountain, we yield to it, and thereby lies the secret to its removal.  In the surrender, we will find that He does indeed turn His mountains into roads.
    On first glance, mountains can appear impassable.  Yet in them, unseen, are pathways and passes.  A way through.  A way home.  The same is true, even more so, in the spiritual realm.  In the midst of what appears to totally block our way, are pathways and passes, roadways, that will take us over and through the highest, most dangerous mountain.  Paulwalked such pathways in His following of the King, and as he learned, “Many were the adversaries.”  Yet they were never able to prevail against him and the Father’s purposes for him.  He always arrived to the place the Lord was taking him.  He surrendered to their presence, and in doing so, triumphed over them, and all the dangers they contained.  He’ll do the same for you and I, but first we must surrender to them.  In fact, we must even choose them.
    In Joshua 14:12, the land is being given to the people of Israel.  Most of them were choosing the lush, lovely, and safe, plains.  Land where the enemy had already been driven out.  Caleb chose the mountains.  Caleb, who along with Joshuasaw all the dangers of that promised land 40 years before, and exhorted the people to enter in and take what was already theirs.  They didn’t, and so he waited 40 long years because of their unbelief.  It was to the mountains that Israel’s defeated enemies had retreated, yet it was those very mountains that Caleb asked to be given him.  As Henry Blackaby puts it, “Caleb knew that his inheritance from God was on the mountain.  He refused to allow the difficulty of gaining it to keep him from enjoying all that God had promised him……Seek out the mountains, and you will witness God doing things through your life that can be explained only through His mighty Presence.” 

    Have we Caleb’s heart?  Paul’s heart?  Hearts of courage, or hearts of water?  The mountains are there.  Will we choose them, surrender to them, or flee them?  He will make roads that lead us to our inheritance in Him.  We can be lowlanders, satisfied with little, or mountaineers, who have received all that He has for us, and in the midst of it all, see that He really did remove the mountain afterall.


Pastor O

   May 2019   
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