Defying Gravity

I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus. Philippians 3:14.....Gravity: The force that attracts a body towards the center of the earth......"The ways of the world are grabbing a hold. Won't let me go...It's taking it's toll down on my soul...Don't let me lose my sight of You. Don't let me lose my sight."  From the song, Gravity, by Shawn MacDonald


Just recently I heard a the above song, and in it, the Shawn MacDonald expresses His desire to not be pulled away from the heart of the Father by the things of this world. He did not want the spiritual gravity of this realm to have such a claim on his heart as to keep Him from all the fullness in Christ that His Father had for him. As I listened, I thought that this is what is needed in the lives and hearts of His people. We need lives that "defy gravity." 


SIr Issac Newton is credited with coming up with what is known as the "Law of Gravity," that objects will always be pulled to the earth by it's force. No one can defy this law. All living things are subject to it. And it's true in the natural realm, but not so in the supernatural. All of us, like Paul, have received that "upward call" from Him. He is always calling us up to Himself, to where He lives. Paul heard that call from the very first, and His life was marked by his ongoing response to it. Just as in the natural realm, there is a law of gravity in the spiritual. The difference is, those who are His are empowered by Him to live lives that "defy gravity." The force that pulls our flesh to the very center of the world value system and all of its ways, is overwhelmed by the power of the upward call of Christ that He speaks into the very core of our being. We defy gravity by setting our hearts and wills to heed that be ever moving upward in Him. The force and power that seeks to pull us to the center of this world system, has its power broken in the force and presence that is Jesus Christ and His Kingdom. The gravity of this world cannot hold such as these. His upward call defies all of its might. And just as we have seen astronauts floating free in space, where the law of gravity has lost been broken, so too do we float ever higher and freer in Him as we live a life that never cease to hear and come to His upward call. The power of this world is broken as well.

We are born into this world anchored to it. It's values and ways are in virtually every part of our being. It's our DNA. We have no power in our selves to be free of it, and its end is always our destruction. Yet there is One who was never subject to its pull, and in Him, we need not be either. Christ's life defied every spiritual law of gravity. His was a life that responded only to the call of His Father, and in Him, we can live such a life as well. At the cross, the spiritual law of gravity, sin, was broken...forever. All who come to His cross, and yield to Him there, receive the power to live that life as well. Have you? Have you embraced His cross, His life, and the grace and power He gives to defy gravity? Or, does the force of this world still hold you in its grasp? He calls you upward. All the power of hell and sin is broken in Him. Answer the upward call....Defy gravity.....Come alive. Float free.

Pastor O



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