To be "dissed" is not a good thing in the minds of many.  In popular use, it means to be shown disrespect, and of course, must be responded to, usually with some degree of violence, either physical or verbal.  However, I'd like to put forth the thought that in the spiritual realm, there is another kind of "dissed" that can lead to real life, if we'll allow for it, if we'll allow Him to break through to us in it, or more correctly, to draw us to Himself through it.
     Today, there are large numbers of people who are living in various forms of being "dissed."  They're disillusioned, disenchanted, or discontented.  You might very well be among them even now.  If not, you can be sure, you will be sooner or later.  Believe it or not, this can be a very good thing.  I've a friend who likes to say that being disillusioned can be a very great gift from the Father, because we are finally at the place where we are no longer willing to believe in what has been, is, an illusion.  We've been believing in something that's not real.  We can be disillusioned about what we have believed life, marriage, job satisfaction, ministry, and especially, what our walk with Him should be.  What He should be.  All the things that we've believed are turning out to be wrong.  What we thought was real, isn't.  The illusion has been exposed.  This makes us ripe to now discover the reality of who He really is, and what it is He has really promised and called us to, in every aspect of life. Becoming disillusioned can be the first step to entering into His reality.  A reality that brings us real freedom and real life.  His freedom and life.
      In I Samuel 22, David, on the run from Saul has taken up residence in the cave of Adullam.  At first only his family and relatives joined with him, but verse 2 reads, "But then others began coming - men who were in trouble, or in debt, or were just discontented.."  These were men and their families who could no longer live under the tyranny of Saul.  Disillusioned.  Disenchanted.  Discontented.  That's what they were.  Life under Saul only magnified it all.  They needed, longed for something more.  They would find it in David, God's man.  And in the most unlikely of places.  A cave. Not the palace of Saul, but in the cave of David.  We too may bring all of our discontent, frustration, disillusionment to the most unlikely of places as well; the cross of Christ.  It's there that illusions are dealt with and done away with.  It's there that contentment, true contentment is found.  It's there that all the disappointments are taken in, healed, and where we're given wholeness, His wholeness in return.  When all the places where we've been "dissed" are brought to Him, He, as only He can, turns them all to life.  Abundant life.  The illusions and their power over us die, and in return we receive His reality, which is always the quality of His Life that He calls us to.
     So where are you being "dissed" today?  He waits for you at His Adullam, His cross.  He calls you to Himself there.  Will you come?  Are you coming now?

Pastor O
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   May 2019   
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