Faded Flowers


 "The truth is, a kernel of wheat must be planted in the soil. Unless it dies it will be alone-a single seed. But its death will produce many new kernels." John 12:24.........."My true disciples produce much fruit. This brings great glory to My Father." John 15:8

A good friend shared an interesting and enlightening insight today. We were talking of how so many "works" for Him begin with great success, blossoming and producing a beauty wonderful to behold. Then, in so many cases, the work seems to wither, and seemingly die. Here is where his insight really spoke, for it is when such happens that we think the Father has somehow abandoned or forgotten us. We wonder where He went, and what happened. This can be true not only in works of ministry and service, but in marriages, relationships, in endeavors of every kind. What my friend speaks of is something our eyes and minds of flesh can so easily miss, and so, we give up. We never see the full picture, and especially the end picture that the Lord has in mind.

He talked of how so many fruit trees first produce lovely blossoms that everyone loves to behold. They are a joy to look at, and they draw the attention and notice of all who pass by. What we miss is that it's after the blossoms wither that the fruit comes. The true and real fruit is not to be found in the blossoms, beautiful though they may be. It is found in what comes after they have seemingly died. It is then that real life and fruitfulness comes forth.

Think on that. Allow Him to speak into our spirits on this. How many endeavors, relationships, marriages and ministries are given up on, walked away from, simply because the flower upon them has faded? The initial excitement has passed. The bloom is literally off the flower. We think all is lost, that failure is our lot.  We can be so deceived in this. I think most often that we are. We keep remembering the lost flower, and miss the "now" fruit. It is when the flower has faded that the true test of our trust and belief in Him will come. It's then we'll see how deep the roots of our trust go. How deep the roots of commitment to the work, the calling, or the person really is. In too many cases, the answer will be, "not very." We're captivated by pretty flowers, but our hearts wander and our vision fades when those flowers disappear. It's then that the hard work of trusting, obeying, believing, and waiting upon Him to bring forth the harvest enters in. The flowers are gone, but we continue to water the ground, till the soil, pull out the weeds that seek to choke out life. All the while we continue to believe the words that He first spoke into our hearts when He called us. And if we'll listen, He continues to speak now. We hold onto the vision He first gave us when we entered into it. This is maturity. We rejoiced in the flowers, but we have learned that the real food and nourishment of the Kingdom is found in the fruit that follows. That fruit has a season, and He will be faithful to bring it forth.

My friend made one other point and it bears dwelling upon. It may well be that we need to allow Him to define for us just what true fruit is. Our flesh always thinks it's in what can be measured and counted. I believe it is found in that which brings life. His life. It's the fruit of the Kingdom, and it will show up in ways far beyond the countable and measurable. It will not fade, but will be eternal. But I think to truly lay hold of it, to be vessels of it, we will, like the kernel, have to die. And in that death and the fruit that bursts forth from it, will be great glory for Him.

Pastor O



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