He Broke Through


     As a newly converted believer back in 1980, I was deeply moved by the lyrics and music of a Keith Green song, Your Love Broke Through, because they spoke so clearly to exactly how He had revealed Himself to me in my own life.  The entire song is powerful, but one line by itself seemed to speak everything to how He was able to lay hold of a man, myself, who had been living in deep darkness, delusion, and deception.  That line went,
                                                              Like waking up from the longest dream, how real it seemed,
                                                              Until Your love broke through
                                                              I've been lost in a fantasy, that blinded me,
                                                              Until Your love broke through
     35 years later, those words have not lost their power for me, or became any less true.  Indeed, they are more true than ever.  And I grow more thankful each day that in that dream, that fantasy, that life I thought was life and was lost in, yet seemed so real, that in that place of darkness, His love broke through.....to and for me.  That truth grows more powerful for me by the day.  As it does, my burden for all those still trapped in that fantasy, and I believe many of them sit in the pews of our church fellowships, grows as well.  Yet at the same time, my hope in Him, for them, grows too.  I know that if the love of the Father in Christ can reach the heart and life of a young man trapped in the darkness of drugs, worldly philosophies and ideals, and the deception and delusion that they hold, than that great love can do the same in them, no matter where they are found.
    We truly live in a day when the Bible says "good would be called evil, and evil good."  Our culture has embraced darkness, and we see it reflected not only in our favorite entertainments, but in the daily reporting of what we call "news."  So many are lost in a fantasy that has blinded them, both in and outside of the church.  Those who live as citizens of the world cannot help but adopt the value system of that world.  Yet so many of His people, who would claim citizenship in His Kingdom, find themselves living, choosing, seeing and thinking in just the same way as those who make no claim of Kingdom life.  
    Recently, a good friend shared of how many in his family, family that would claim to be His followers, lived in just as much fear and dread of death as those without Christ.  Despite, in most cases, a lifetime of hearing His message of life and hope, that message had never penetrated their heart and being.  They could no more see Him, His Hope, His eternity, than those without Him.  This world was far more real to them than His.  In truth, the fantasy was not the lie of this world, but the promise of the Kingdom of Heaven.  They, like so many, continued to live in a dream that seemingly had no end.  They are not alone.  I think that there are a multitude of professing believers who are far more comfortable in and with the world system than they are the Father's.  It's not only comfortable, it's more real.
    In the midst of all this, Isaiah 58:8 speaks, "Then Your light will break through like the dawn, and you will heal quickly."  Break through.  The deepest darkness, and the greatest deception and delusion.  None of them are greater than He.  He pierces all darkness, bringing His light and life, and with them, His healing.  This world will seek to entice us to believe its fantasy.  Seek to keep us living in that "long dream."  All the while, His love seeks to pierce that delusion, that fantasy, and bring healing and sight.  More than 35 years ago, He broke through mine.  To whatever degree the fantasy may hold you, would you have Him break through to you?  I remember so clearly my crying out to Him while held in the grip of darkness.  He broke through.  Cry out for His love today.  Right now.  He will break through......to you.  Wake up from the dream.

Pastor O
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