In The House?


 "The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." John 10:10


Is there a "thief" in your "house?" How long has he been there? How long will he remain there? Do you even know that he is there? If so, do you know that he can be thrown out of there?

The words of Christ in John 10 have spoken to my life almost from the beginning of my walk with Him. They do so because I have experienced the effect of both the presence of the thief, and the wonder of His abundance. The thief, satan, has found openings in my life in too many ways to count. He has found ways into my thought life, my attitudes, my words, and my actions. Likely he has done so with you as well. He's gotten into the "house" of our soul and wreaked his havoc. We know first hand of his ability to steal our joy, our hope, and our future. We have experienced his ability to kill our dreams, and destroy our marriages, families, relationships, even our ministries and fellowships. This has always happened because in some way, we have left the "door" to our lives, our relationships, ministries and fellowships open to him so that all he need do is simply walk in and create chaos. The solution then is to make sure that the open doors are shut, and shut tightly. The problem is, we don't seem to know how, or in some cases, really want to do that.

Two directives from His Word come to mind in this. First, Paul wrote that we are to "take very thought captive to (the presence of) Christ. We can only do this when we are consciously living in His Presence. Vague awareness will not suffice. That kind of "walk" is a literal devil's playground. We live in His Presence through conscious choices and a day by day abiding and cultivating of His Spirit and Presence in our lives. It is not difficult to bring every thought to His Lordship when we are conscious of His Lordship moment by moment because we are abiding in Him....moment by moment. This takes spiritual discipline, and in our spiritually lazy western church culture, discipline is an unpopular term.....Secondly, we need, as did David, to invite the Lord at all times to "search our hearts" for the presence of anything "evil" or "wicked." Our problem here is two-fold. What He deems evil and wicked is markedly different from how we define it. John Wesley said that anything that seduces our heart from Him, anything, for us, "that thing is sin." Evil and wicked. Such things can be so deeply rooted in our minds and hearts that only the searching of His Holy Spirit can uncover them, and expel them. As long as they remain, they are open doors for the enemy to enter in through. How many open doors remain in our lives and hearts today?

Beth Moore said that there are some things in our lives that need to be told, "No longer!" No longer will these things remain so that we continue to be oppressed, beaten down, and held captive. No longer will our lives be pillaged.....stolen from, destroyed, and killed, by an enemy who has no spiritual right to do so, but does do so simply because we allow it. Has the time come for us that we will no longer allow it? Will we today, say to the thief, "No longer?" Is the thief in your "house?" Are you ready to throw him out? Surrender, fully surrender the house that is your heart and life to Him. Yield to His full Lordship and abide in it and His Life that comes with it. The pillaging will end and the abundance will be full. And the devil is no longer, "in the house."

Pastor O

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