"She came up behind Jesus and touched the fringe of His cloak, and immediately her bleeding stopped. 'Who touched Me?' Jesus asked. But they all denied it. 'Master,' said Peter, 'the people are crowding and pressing against You.' But Jesus declared, 'Someone touched Me, for I know that power has gone out from Me.' " Luke 8:44-46...."Love is the willingness to be interrupted....the willingness to be broken into....Your theology is best expressed in your availability...

your ability to be broken into." Ann Voskamp
We're busy people living in the midst of a busy culture. Everyone is affected, including we who call ourselves His. Indeed, sometimes I think the "busiest" people of all are found sitting in the pews, standing on the platform, behind the pulpit, or "behind the scenes" of the church. We've got important work to do. We're building the Kingdom, and we've got our eyes on the goal and prize set before us. In fact, we're so focused on this that we fail to see what may well be the most pressing needs of all right in front of us, beside us, or even right behind us.
The above Scripture concerns the woman with a menstrual problem of continuous bleeding that would have rendered her unclean according to Jewish law, and therefore, a social outcast. She'd been this way for more than a decade. She'd sought healing everywhere, but never found it. Jesus was on his way to the home of an important man in order to raise up his dead daughter. There was a great crowd around Him, and the need before Him was real. Who wouldn't forgive His not attending to the need right around Him? In any event, the woman reached out to touch Him, and in doing so, was healed. Jesus immediately realized that healing power, "Life," had flowed out of Him. He had been "interrupted." He stopped. I imagine the father of the girl, and everyone, including the disciples, were anxious about this. They needed to get to the home of this important man. The woman was intruding on this. Yet in touching Him, she was healed. Jesus ministered to, and blessed her. She had broken into His life, interrupted His time, and He blessed her for it. How like Him are you an I? How easily are our lives, goals, purposes, even ministries, able to be interrupted, broken into, by desperate, hurting, sometimes, oftentimes, problematic people? In the midst of our great plans and "visions," do we regard the interruptions brought about by seemingly inconsequential people as a nuisance, an irritating interruption? To my shame, I have. You have too. It can get to be one of our traits. Has it?

This past weekend, I spent time with a pastoral couple of a small country church, a church filled with simple, but sincere followers of Jesus. As I was there, the pastor took calls from people who seemed to routinely call him just to talk, or ask him to pray with them, or just to drive miles out of their way to pick them up for church. Or, to take the time to find them a large print Bible that they could read, because they could no longer read a regular one. All the while, both he and his wife were attending to health needs in their family that kept them on the move. Constant interruptions in the midst of constant movement. It would be easy to ignore the interruptions, wouldn't it? But then, real love in Christ can't, can it? Yet does it with you and me?
I think we get so busy working for Him, that we never see Him in the lives and faces of those He always brings around us. They become human interruptions instead of the Divine appointments brought to us by Him. We will give account for those missed appointments one day. Will we miss them this day? Somewhere along the way today, this week, someone will reach out to touch you...with hope. Will they be an interruption, or a God sent appointment? Will you allow your time, and life to be broken love....or will you just keep moving on?

Pastor O
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