"....and He died for all, so that they who live might no longer live for themselves, but for Him who died and rose again on their behalf." 2 Corinthians 5:5....."The power of His resurrection is available when the power of yourself is exhausted. Live in His power. Or better yet, let His power live in you." Chris Tiegreen


"Hi! My name is Gary O'Shell, and I'm an I-dict.......but by the grace, power and blood of Christ, I don't have to be.".....I-dict. What a great term. I heard it used by speaker and author Jennifer Rothschild to describe a large part of her life. It takes in quite a big group. It's every person alive who is trapped in the bondage of an addiction to themselves. This large group includes everyone ever born, for we all enter into this life carrying the weight of sin, the result of which has separated us from the Father. This separation has caused us to turn our eyes from Him who created us, unto ourselves. We were made to worship Him, but our fallen natures have placed self on the throne. We worship ourselves instead. Our ancestors, Adam and Eve got us into this. Only Christ can get us out. But for that to happen it will require an "intervention," and I think, a two-fold one.

The intervention happens when we come face to face with Jesus Christ, and our desperate need of Him. We meet Him not as one who can make our life better. Not as One we can just add on to our lives as our Supreme Helper. And not as One who just wants to love us and help us enjoy life to the fullest. No, He wishes to meet us as Savior and Lord. Those are His terms, not ours. When Christ intervenes in our sin clouded lives, it is not just a warm fuzzy feeling, but a head-on collision with a Risen Savior. Scripture says that when this happens, all things become new, which means they cannot stay the same. The I-diction can't remain. It has to die, and Christ's relentless purpose for us will be that it does. Yet for so many of us, it never has. Will it ever?

I'm struck by what Paul wrote in the above scripture. "That they who live MIGHT no longer live for themselves." The word might is easy to overlook, but to me it says that it's a very real possibility that those who come to Him may never allow this deeper intervention of Christ to take place. I think many who profess to be His, have marked out invisible boundary lines as to just how far and deep we are willing to go with Him. We'll go, give, and live up to a certain point. When it's been reached, we make our spiritual abode there. This is where the I-dict takes over. Has it taken over in you? In us?

The presence of an I-diction is so subtle in our lives. We can deceive ourselves as to its presence. We may be highly active in ministry, very generous in giving of time and resources, and very loving to others, and especially the lost. But the main benefactor is not the Lord and His glory, but ourselves. We're looking for applause, notice, or just plain self-satisfaction. When we fail to get these, the I-dict is offended. Deeply. The I-diction we suffer from will always choke out His Life in us. There can only be one on the throne of our hearts and lives. Christ. 


In the world, interventions with addicts take place when people who love them come together and confront something that is destroying them. It can be very painful. Sometimes the addict melts and agrees to seek help. More often though, they reject the help and run away. It's no different in the spiritual realm. He who is the lover of our souls, will come. He will confront our I-diction. It too can be very painful. Yet if we will stay before Him, place our I-diction, our obsession with ourselves on His altar, His cross, its power will be broken. There is no longer any "might" about it. We no longer live under the power of our I-diction, but in the power and wonder of His Risen Life.

2000 years ago Jesus Christ intervened in the darkness of the lost race of humankind. He broke the power of sin. The fruit of that intervention can be seen everywhere. Can it be seen in us? Or do we need His intervention? There is only one place for that to happen. At the cross.


Pastor O

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