Jesus Only?

 "Once more He asked him, 'Simon son of John, do you love Me?' Peter was grieved that Jesus asked the question a third time. He said, 'Lord, You know everything. You know I love You.' Jesus said, "Then feed My sheep.' " John 21:17....."There is nothing easier than getting into a right relationship with God except when it is not God Whom  you want, but only what He gives....When you draw near to God you cease asking for things." Oswald Chambers


The other day, I wrote in my prayer journal, "Are we 'Jesus and.....' or 'Jesus only.....' people?' By this I meant, is Jesus alone sufficient for our lives, or, do we need "add on's?" How we answer the question determines whether we are, at root, living Christ centered, or blessing based lives. Lives that center either on Christ, or the things He provides. Lives that are loyal and grounded in Him in all places, or lives that draw near in order to have the "good bread" He provides? 


Jesus never had a problem drawing a crowd when He was giving out bread and fishes, healing the sick, making the lame walk, and giving sight to the blind. Most everyone was happy to sign up for that. But, as we see in John 6, when He told them that to follow Him meant the abandonment of everything that was not Him, the response of verse 66 is seen. "At this point many of His disciples turned away and abandoned Him." Jesus lived His life and carried out His ministry with the cross always before Him. He knew where He was going, and His expectation, His command, was that all who follow Him willingly move in that direction as well. He did so "for the joy set before Him." Not for the rewards of this life, but the wonder and joy of eternity. He knew that the "good bread" of this world is nothing more than moldy bread in comparison with His Bread of Life. "Jesus only" people know this, and willingly go to their own cross with and for Him. But it's at this point that "Jesus and" people will turn away. When the bread stops flowing, and all that remains is a cross to die on, they cannot see that it is the door to a life beyond description. They're too focused on the bread. They can no longer see Him. As these turn away, His question to us will always be, "Will you leave Me also?" Peter, speaking for them all, said, "Lord, where would we go. You alone have the words of eternal life." That's how they answered. How do you and I answer?


If you don't know Christ today, then it's not a question of Jesus and or Jesus only. It's a matter of "Jesus who?" Do you know, really know, in your heart, who He is? But if you've answered yes to that question, than how do you answer as to whether you believe and follow for the joy of His Presence, or for the good bread that comes along with that Presence? If it's the latter, then when the bread runs out, so will you. If it is Christ alone you want, you follow Him, go with Him, to the cross. Because you, like Him, can see the joy set before you. When this happens, you are used of Him to feed His've become His bread, sourced in eternity.


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