Living In The Watchtower

  "I will climb into my watchtower now and wait to see what the Lord will say to me and how he will answer my complaint." Habakkuk 2:1


The prophet Habakkuk was living in tumultuous times. The people Israel were crumbling from within and facing destruction from without. Where was God in all of it? Why had He seemingly abandoned them? To all of that, the Lord simply replied, "Look at the nations and be amazed. Watch and be astounded at what I will do. For I am doing something in your own day, something you wouldn't believe even if I told you about it." Yet even in this answer, Habakkuk continued to question what God was doing. I think most of us find common cause in that. Too few of us do what he does next. Habakkuk sets his heart to hear from the Lord. He climbs his spiritual watchtower and positions himself to wait upon the Lord. Yes, he seeks answers, but more than answers, He seeks the Answergiver. How like, or unlike him are you and I?


We lack men and women with the heart of Habakkuk in these days. Whether it concerns what is happening in our culture, our churches, or our lives and homes, we are far more likely to seek to hear what men are saying than what He is speaking. We run to conferences, seminars, books and videos for words of wisdom and insight. We are very interested in what men may be saying, but all the while, the spiritual watchtowers remain empty. We are not looking or listening for what the Father is speaking at this time to His Church, this world, or us. We know what the church growth experts are saying. We're aware of what the cultural commentators are speaking, but where are those who are hearing from the Lord Himself? We have dialogue with one another, we network, we form breakout groups, but where are the ones who seek His voice, His face and His heart in all of it? We have hours of talk, minutes of prayer, and seconds of listening. In the time of Israel's Judges, it was said that word from the Lord was rare. I wonder at times if we are not dangerously close to the same today?

I've focused more on the Church, His Body, but this pertains to us as individuals as well. Are we really setting ourselves to "be still and know He is the Lord" in all areas of our lives? Who do we first seek in crisis and need? Our friends? Counselors? Oprah? Dare we climb our watchtower and seek His face alone, and with the attitude that we'll not leave until He answers, reveals, fills? Would that we'd desire to know what He is speaking as much as what He's doing. What He means to work within us through all of it, as well as what He seeks to reveal to us of Himself.

There's a great deal of pain, uncertainty and fear everywhere today. One or all may currently be at work in you. In all of these there is a message. There is the message of the enemy and there is the message of the Lord. The devil's message is a lie that he disguises as truth. Our flesh is only too willing to believe it. His message is Truth, and will always lead to life. When we live on ground level spiritually, we'll almost always hear only the lie. When we live in His watchtower we not only hear His truth, but will see it coming from the distance. The messages will come. How we hear them depends upon where we're standing. Where do you stand today?

Pastor O

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