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"Then He said to me, 'Speak to these bones and say, 'Dry bones, listen to the word of the Lord. This is what the Sovereign Lord says: Look I am going to breathe into you and make you live again.' " Ezekiel 37:4-5....."The world is not waiting for a new definition of the Gospel, but for a new demonstration of the power of the Gospel." Leonard Ravenhill

Recently I followed an online discussion among pastors talking about how to best communicate with the generation known as "millenials." There was a lot of participation. Lots of ideas and opinions were expressed. Everyone was concerned with how to reach them, with how to get them to listen. The crux of it all was "How do we preach a message that they want to hear?" Please know that I am not speaking judgement here, or doubting the sincere desire of these folks to reach these ones for Christ. But I was amazed that in a discussion involving those who proclaim the Gospel, no one mentioned the need to preach that message in the power, anointing and unction of the Holy Spirit. What is unction? It is defined as "The anointing of the Holy Ghost that gives divine power, push, and authority to your ministry." Men from a wide range of doctrinal backgrounds, Spurgeon, Wesley, Bounds, Ravenhill, Tozer, and Moody, all said that our message was in vain if it lacked the anointing and unction of the Holy Spirit. Ravenhill said, "The Word does not live unless the unction is upon the preacher." It is my deep belief that when such "power, push, and authority" from the Spirit are upon and moving through a preacher, it doesn't matter the age or cultural group that it is directed at. Those with ears to hear, will hear. And a preacher that has that unction will fully know which words they need to use to proclaim it. As Ravenhill said, we don't need new definitions of the Gospel. We need the demonstration of its power.....a demonstration that begins in the heart and explodes out of it. It is such power that will make dry bones live.

There is only one way enter into such a place.....much time spent with Him. As someone said, "He who would be used much by God must be much with Him." For the truly great proclaimers of His Word, and in every generation from the apostle Paul to Billy Graham, those who preached His Word with power were also those who spent much time alone with Him. In fact, they didn't dare speak to people until they had spoken much with Him....and heard much more from Him. This is the need of today. We don't need more clever messages. We need more, many more, anointed preachers. Anointed by and in the Holy Spirit. Because the Spirit speaks a language that everyone is able to understand...if they have ears to hear. The proof of that was seen at Pentecost when Peter preached to a crowd that was culturally, generationally, and gender diverse. And each heard him in "their own language." That is, they heard the voice of the Father through him and in a manner that they could understand. Oh that we would yearn to know the voice and heart of God to the degree we wish to know the tastes and ways of an age or people group.

I am not demeaning a desire to be aware of our culture. But that awareness will profit us nothing if we are not living in a total awareness of His Life, Spirit, and power. We are not lacking for studies, discussions, and desires on how to reach people. But the Missing Person in it all is His Holy Spirit. For His Spirit is the only One who truly knows how to speak to and reach lost hearts.....and of every age and culture. Only He can give the anointing and unction. May we, the Church long for.....and receive them.

Pastor O

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