Playing The Fool


 "So I am willing to act like a fool to show my joy in the Lord.  Yes, and I am willing to look even more foolish than this."  2 Samuel 6:21-22
David was called a man after God's heart.  I think one of the primary reasons that he was is found in these two verses.  Are we, in our pursuit of Him, trust in Him, obedience to Him, joy in Him, willing to appear as fools before all who are watching because of it?  When hope is vanishing in the hearts of all those around us, can we continue to hope in Him?  When everything is against us, and there will surely be times when this is so, will we steadfastly believe that He remains for us.  When whatever "ship" we are upon is being literally torn apart by the ravages of the "storm," can we believe that He will provide the means to reach the shore anyway?  That all will unfold as Paul stated, "just as He told me?"  Can we, as our life situations deteriorate, as they did with Joseph, continue to hold to the vision and promise that the present "prison" we may be in will not be the end?  That He will accomplish all of His purpose and promise for us?  Can we hold to all of this when all those around us are seeking to dissuade, discourage, and even mock us for believing and trusting, and all of it with His joy?  Can we do this when many of them, even most of them, are found in the Church itself?  Will we allow all to call us a fool so that He would call us faithful?  It will be the fate of every man and woman whose heart is fully given over to Him to be viewed at some point as a fool.  Can our flesh and pride allow it?

David spoke these words to his wife Michal after she expressed contempt for his dancing before the Lord in joy.  She believed it beneath the dignity of a king.  What do you and I believe to be beneath our dignity when it comes to following, trusting, believing, and worshiping Him?  We read of John the Baptist who went out into the wilderness, living on locusts and honey and dressed in animal skins.  Even in that ancient culture he would have appeared a fool.  The same would be said for the prophets Jeremiah, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Hosea, and countless unnamed heroes of the faith.  The same would be said of our Lord Jesus Christ, who at the end of three years ministry, appeared to be the greatest failure ever seen.  They all heard, followed, trusted and loved the One who spoke to and led them.  Jesus said that "I only do what I see My Father doing."  Most of what He saw His Father doing, and which He did as well, made Him appear the fool in the watching eyes around Him.  Yet the power and fruit of His Life goes on and will go on throughout eternity.  

Is there a place in your life right now where you know He has spoken a promise, a command, a mission, yet your holding to it, obeying it, going out on it, has given you the appearance of a fool?  What then has the upper hand?  The opinions and even laughter of those around you, or the witness of His Spirit within you?  Can you press on, regardless of the lack of results, even the appearance of complete failure, in trust and assurance, counting it all joy?  Can you, can I, "play the fool" for His glory? That, in the end is what we live, minister, and follow Him for.  Can we do this before not only an unbelieving world, but a sometimes, even oftentimes, skeptical church?  In every place dancing before, and with Him....with joy.

Pastor O
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