Safe For God
 "Because of the miraculous signs He did at Jerusalem at the Passover celebration, many people were convinced that He was indeed the Messiah. But Jesus didn't trust them because He knew what people were really like. No one needed to tell Him about human nature." John 2:23-25......"There is no safe place except at the cross. It lays hold of our impulsive, independent nature and makes us safe for God." T. Austin-Sparks
I would say that we concentrate a great deal of preaching, teaching, and thinking on how we need to trust Him. How much time and thought do we place upon His need to trust us? Can He entrust Himself to you and me? The above passage from John 2 is sobering. Just look at the facts.

Jesus worked miracles in the midst of the people and the their response was to believe in Him. To believe in Him as the Messiah. This means that they accepted as truth and fact that He was the promised One from God, their long awaited Savior. They didn't just think Him a great prophet and teacher. He was the real deal. The Messiah. Yet despite the fact that they believed and accepted what He said about Himself, Jesus would not trust them with Himself. Their testimony of Him was true, but He didn't trust the hearts behind the testimony. He saw beyond the words into those hearts, and He knew He could not entrust Himself to them. Almost all of these who professed faith in Him, would turn from Him in a short while when He went to His cross. Some of them may well have been in the crowd that called for Him to be crucified. Or, they were in that crowd and simply said nothing at all.....for Him. He could not give all of Himself to them. Can He give all of Himself to us? Are you and I safe for God? Can He place the fullness of His Life in trust with us?

Are we a safe place for Him in the witness of our lives, words, attitudes and actions? Do we live in such a way as to bring Him ever more glory? Or do we too often  bring reproach to His name? We know that He's a refuge for us. Are we a refuge for Him? All through His Word, the Father gives a consistent message that says in effect, "I have so much for you than this." Jesus said He had much more to tell His disciples but they could not yet receive it. Yet they would grow after Pentecost in their ability to receive. Before the cross and Pentecost Jesus knew He couldn't trust even His closest followers. Yet afterwards, He entrusted them with the fullness of His Life and calling. They found the place of safety, as Sparks says, at His cross. And that safety was not about keeping them from all harm, but empowering them to live lives that were safe for the Father, Son, and Spirit. They could be entrusted with the mind and heart of the 3 in 1 God. And they turned the world upside down because of it.

Have you and I found that place of safety yet? Or better yet, has He found that place of safety in us? Has the reality of the cross and Pentecost really pierced and captured our lives, making us safe for Him? Yes, may we grow ever deeper in our trust of Him. But as we discover more deeply that He is true, may He discover that we are as well. Our hearts and minds: a safe place for Christ......or not?

Pastor O
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