Sips and Nibbles


     "He (the Father) doesn't seek to give us revelations of truth, but a revelation, new knowledge, of the Person who is truth.......All our progress for the future depends on what we're doing with what we know now." T. Austin-Sparks....."Today, if you hear His voice, do not harden your hearts." Hebrews 4:7
     We are living in a time of ever increasing, yet decreasing knowledge.  Our learning of the ways and systems of this world is growing by leaps and bounds, while our knowledge of Him recedes seemingly by the minute.  We know how "to do" so many things, but of the One who created us for Himself, we are more stranger than friend.  We make fantastic advances in our knowledge of technology, but our "theology," our knowledge of Him, seems to be in  state of continuous retreat.  Like the Jewish Pharisee's, we may know a lot about God, but are unable to see Him, as they could not in Christ, even when He is in our very midst.  The Father's deepest desire for us is not that we serve Him, but that we know Him.  It's the cry of His heart.  It was the cry of His heart as He spoke through the Old Testament prophets, through the preaching of John the Baptist, and in the coming, life, death, and resurrection of His Son, Jesus Christ.  In Him, it continues to be His cry.  Oh that it would be ours.
     A very commonplace saying in the church is that the Father, in Christ, meets us where we are.  This is true, but somehow, and far too often, we miss the fact that He wants to take us where He is.  We are meant to live with Him in the heavenly places.  Not in some dreamlike way, but in a real, conscious, in this world but not of it reality.  Living in the power of a life that the book of Hebrews tells us "cannot be destroyed."  The life that abides in Him.  Not just for a few hours per week, when we've got all our "props"working.  What we like to call worship, so we might have some sense of His Presence, but a moment by moment awareness of Him.  It's living day by day in an ongoing, life transforming encounter with Him.  These encounters don't leave us knowing a lot of "stuff" about Him, but give us real knowledge of who Sparks says is the Person who is Truth.  They satisfy our hunger and thirst for Him, yet at the same time, leave us hungry and thirsty for more of Him.
    Jesus repeatedly called Himself the Bread and Water of Life.  For too many years, I was satisfied with "sips and nibbles" of that Water and Bread.  Just enough to somehow get through the day, if not in victory over the day, at least not totally crushed by it.  Instead of sitting at His table as a son, I more often hovered around it like an orphan.  I thought sips and nibbles were the most I could have.  I didn't really realize that I could eat and drink my fill of His bounty and goodness.  That's how orphans think.  So many of us, made sons and daughters by Him, continue to think like orphans afterwards.  We do so because our knowledge of He who is Truth is flawed.  Terribly flawed.
   The Father said through His prophet that "My people perish through lack of knowledge."  Knowledge of Him.  To what degree might you, we, be perishing today?  Will we go on with sips and nibbles, or will we drink deeply, eat heartily of the Bread and Water of His Life?  He will meet us right where we are in our lives.  Will we go with Him to where He wants to take us in His?

Pastor O
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