The Avalanche

  "But Jesus told him, 'No! The Scriptures say, people need more than bread for their life; they must feed on every Word of God.' " Matthew 4:4...."Heaven and earth will disappear, but My words will remain forever." Matthew 24:35


I don't know which I'm more of; grieved or angry. I saw an online article and a following discussion dealing with things within a denomination that are dividing it's members and that the writer believed may possibly bring about a split. Both in the article, and in almost all the comments that followed, what stood out was that all the "solutions" were centered on what men and the flesh could do to solve the problem. It was clear that they were seeking intellectual answers for what is most definitely a spiritual issue. Nowhere was there reference to, as one friend pointed out, the immutable Word of God. Neither was there mention or recognition of the Sovereign power and will of the Father, or His supernatural and almighty working through His Word. I believe it was Charles Spurgeon who said that men give lip service to the sovereignty of God, but live in the full belief in the sovereignty of men. In short, we say we trust that all things hold together in Christ, but we live in the belief that they really hold together in us. More, we have lost the reality that the Church does not belong to us, it is His and I think He will once again powerfully show us that this is so. Someone said that Christ is being lost in the Church that bears His name. This is painfully true in the 21st century western, American Church. I think it was Larry Crabb who said that we have reduced the mystery and wonder of who He is and what He has spoken to what our rational minds can understand and accept. This is more true than most of want to admit.

I heard Beth Moore speaking on all of this and how she fears that the power and authority of His Word is slipping away in the western Church. How the attitude is "We just want to be loving." She said that when we begin to dilute, even do away with the full authority of Scripture, we do not just start down a slippery slope, but are caught up in an avalanche. As for being "loving," as she put it, "Without His Word and it's literal power in our lives, we don't even know how to love." 

I see an increasing arrogance growing within the Church. Somehow, many of us are feeling that we're too enlightened to just believe Him and what He has said. Somehow, we of the 21st century western Church know more, see more, than the 2000 years of godly, Spirit filled and led brethren that have come before us. This is, at root, pride, and I believe that this will bring us face to face with a God who hates that pride, all the while loving us....and loving us enough to confront and deal with it. And He will deal with it.

In what we call third world, underdeveloped countries, the power of the Gospel is bringing forth the working of mighty miracles. Incurable diseases healed, lives literally being brought back from the dead. It takes place among those with little education, but a great belief in the Person and Word of God in Christ. When did we last see such in what we in the west call "worship." When did we last gather together even expecting that we might? 


The Father, speaking I believe through Paul, called His people to "Come back to Me and live." It is time to come back to Him as He is, and not as we would wish Him to be. Will we? Are we willing to live by His every Word? Will that Word be our life? Or have we just gotten too sophisticated and wise to do something so childlike as that?

Pastor O



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