The Cross Remains

Alicia Britt Chole tells the story of how she, her husband, and a group of volunteers had come to the city of Joplin, Missouri in the aftermath of a devastating tornado that had wreaked havoc upon the area. Everywhere they looked they saw the results of the destruction. They came upon a church, one that had been very solidly built with thick brick walls, yet even so, there was only one complete and intact piece left of the entire building; the cross. That moved me, because the one immovable, enduring and eternal truth of our faith is that which is found in Jesus Christ and the cross.


Not long ago, a friend sent me an article written by an unbeliever, listing all the reasons to not believe in the Truth of Christ, His life, death, and resurrection. The article, seeking to verify it's premise, cited all the "relevant scholars" who agreed with that premise. Relevant meaning all those who agreed with it's writer. There was a time I was angered by such articles, but not any more. I long ago learned that you cannot argue blind scoffers into believing faith. If you could, it wouldn't be faith. Now I'm more amused than anything. Every year, usually at Christmas and Easter, "documentaries" abound with the main theme being that the Jesus Christ of the Bible either didn't really exist, or that if He did, He was nothing more than a man, a good man, but a just a man like any other. They article referenced above speculated that He was likely just a wandering traveler. When I notice these programs and articles, the question that always arises for me is, "Why, if they are convinced He wasn't who He said He was, do they spend so much time and effort trying to convince everyone that this is so? Why is He a threat? Why don't we see similar books, article and shows focusing on Buddah or Mohammed? It's because it's Christ. It's because of the cross. It's because everything changed at Calvary and the aftermath of the resurrection. Satan was defeated. The power of sin was broken. Light burst through the darkness. Freedom came for every captive that would receive it. Victory was the cross. Everything against Him, and the human race He loves, fell at the cross....and what remains is Christ, His cross, and the empty tomb.


Satan was and remains the first rebel. But he's an already defeated rebel. That happened once and for all at the cross. Yes, he fights on, but his cause is hopeless. He may instigate devastation, destruction and loss, but no matter how fierce his attack, Christ and His cross remain...they endure....and they call us to them. The power of hell will use every means it can to try and convince a lost world that it's Savior never came and never was. The cross will always say otherwise. The cross will always speak it's Truth. The cross remains. Christ remains. Every lie is defeated. Truth reigns supreme. Earthquakes will come, but they cannot overwhelm us...when we live with the cross....where we first see the Light....and the burden of our sin rolls away....and we enter into His resurrection the cross.

Pastor O

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