The Dance

"Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit." Galatians 5:25....."God calls us to come and dance with Him, not looking at our feet, but into His face." Lisa Harper


Believe it or not, I took a few dance lessons back in my 20's. I clearly remember how in the beginning of the lessons, I would self-consciously be looking at my feet, and thus having very choppy and uneven movement. Gradually, as I relaxed, and concentrated on my teacher and her lead, I began to be able to follow her steps and put forth something that looked almost natural (Her words, not mine). I think this can be a very apt description of what our walk, our dance, with Him is meant to be, but too often isn't, and for the same reason so many of us are clumsy in our dance steps with Him.

If you've ever watched some of the past Hollywood masters of the dance, Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, and their equally skilled partners, what they do seems almost effortless as they glide around a dance floor or stage. They appear to be almost one in their movement. So should it be with us in our walk, our dance of life with and in Him. But it usually isn't. Too often we move as if we've got two left feet, and our greatest skill seems to be that of tripping and falling over ourselves. Our focus and concentration is upon "us," how we're doing, what we look like, and not upon Him. Rather than being so in tune with His heart and mind that we move in step with Him, we're left wondering what it is He wants us to do, how He wants us to do it. Where He wants us to go, and how He wants us to get there. We're looking at our feet. We're not looking into His face. Small wonder we so easily get out of step with Him.....again and again and again.


Someone has said that in His presence, we see ourselves as we are, but in His face and heart, we will see ourselves as we can be in Him. In our walk/dance with Him, it is His purpose to lead us to become all that He has purposed us to become. Our part is to follow His lead in order to get there. To allow ourselves to be held in His embrace as He skillfully takes us through each intricate step in the journey. We all begin as amateurs with two left feet, but if we will hold onto Him, steadfastly gazing into His heart and face, our skills will grow, and He will take us, in step with Him, to where, who, and what He means for us to be. 


In that dance studio in Pittsburgh, I remember how terribly self-conscious I was that first time, worrying about how I looked to the others that were there. Yet, as my comfort level increased, I began to not notice them, and only notice my teacher. Everything seemed to become natural. So it will be, must be, with the Holy Author of the life dance He invites us all to. Do we come? Do we dance with Him, in step, as He takes us where only He can lead? Looking into His face, and not at our feet.

Pastor O

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