The Deeper Yes


     Recently, in a time of prayer, I heard a brother ask the Father to lead us into a "deeper yes."  That is, the place of even deeper surrender to Him, of saying yes to Him, to His will and His way.  This place of the deeper yes is a place that He calls all that are His, yet not all really want to go there.  Do you?  Do I?
     In his book, Walking With Christ In The Details Of Life, Patrick Morley tells of his struggle of coming to grips with the truth of Psalm 37:4, which reads, Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart.  Morley said that he had often put this promise before the Father concerning the many desires of his heart.  Desires for things, success, recognition, and accumulation.  Most times, his prayers went unanswered, causing him to doubt the truth of His Word.  One day though, the Lord opened his eyes, and he writes, "I discovered that it was not that the verse was untrue, but that I had not yet penetrated the passage deeply enough.....I had only superimposed my own expectations upon it.  When it didn't deliver, I assumed the verse was in error, not me."  We see the word "delight" to mean something that brings us great personal satisfaction.  It's root meaning in Hebrew however is to be "soft or pliable."  To have our delight in Him is for us to be like clay in the hands of the potter.  We are yielded and surrendered to however He wishes to shape us, and as we submit to the shaping, we will need to say, many times, an ever deepening "yes" to His shaping.  As Morley says, "We become anxious for God to 'make me' rather than for Him to 'give me.' " 
    When we live in the place of the deeper yes our expectations change from being expectations of Him, to expectations in Him.  Our desires change from being almost totally about ourselves and our lives, to about Him and His life.  We desire what He desires both for us, and through us.  We are soft and pliable in His hands, and to be shaped by Him is truly a delight to us.  As our desires become one with His, we find that His Word is completely true, and that He does give us every desire of our hearts, because our heart and His are one.  Along with this we discover that He gives us so many good things for our lives, things we never asked Him for, but that in His love and goodness He poured out upon us.  This is where we find that His mercies to us really are new every day.
    A great battle and controversy rages in the church today as to the "inerrancy" of scripture.  This is not a new battle, and indeed has been going on since the devil first asked Eve in the Garden, "Did God really say that?"  I don't enter into this battle.  I simply choose to believe His Word.  Yet I love what Morely said on this; "The Bible is not in error, we are."  Our great pride refuses to allow us to ever believe we could be the ones who are wrong.  So, if we're not, He must be.  Yet, as Morely says, "We are vapors that appear for a little while and then vanish, but the word of God stands forever."  Could it be that you're living in the midst of such controversy right now?  Things, life, aren't going as you'd desired and expected.  God has not been who you've wanted Him to be.  Are you ready for Him to be to you as He is?  Are you ready, willing, to go to the place of the deeper yes?  To know, in that place, that He is true, and His promises really all are "yes and amen."

Pastor O
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