The Delusion

"Now the Holy Spirit tells us clearly that in the last times some will turn away from what we believe; they will follow lying spirits and teachings that come from demons." I Timothy 4:1...."I will climb up into my watchtower now and wait to see what the Lord will say to me and how He will answer me." Habakkuk 2:1......"Our culture is drunk on a spirit of delusion." James Robison

Our culture is reeling about like a drunkard. How else can you explain a time when people are able to choose what gender they wish be recognized as, while those who might disagree with their wishes are labeled as bigots, haters, and threatened legally, even with prison? What else can you say of a time when laws are passed allowing medical staff to put to death a newborn child because it may be a "threat" to the emotional health of its mother? What else can you say about a church culture that has been more affected by the culture of the world and its values than it has affected that culture with its own? We're seeing the proof of that on every level of both society and the church. I wrote recently that 96% of the professing church doesn't have a Biblical worldview. 96%. The proof of that can be seen in the social media posts of many professing believers, especially those under the age of 30. A belief system is emerging in the church, and has been for some time, that is clearly based on a doctrine from the darkness. Jesus warned the disciples that they were to let no man deceive them. In warning them, He warned us, but we have either not heard that warning, or ignored it altogether. One man said that we are living in a combat zone, but we prefer and seek out a comfort zone instead. It is both illusion and delusion to think such a place can be found in the days we now live in.

So what is our response to this? I think we see it in Habakkuk 2:1. Habakkuk didn't stay on ground level. In a battle, the commanding officer needed to be on high ground where he could have a wide and distant view of that battle as it unfolded. Sight is blocked, distorted when it is only from the ground. We need to see from a higher place. Too many live at ground level spiritually, and so they don't see the enemy that advances upon them, their homes, marriages, and children. Upon their community, nation, and above all, His church. We desperately need spiritual vision that rises above the everyday mundane happenings, and looks into the surrounding culture and the spiritual realm behind it with Kingdom eyes. We need to see what God is doing, hear what He is saying. We need the eyes and ears of the Spirit. We need the wisdom, discernment, and understanding of His Spirit. We display a severe lack of these, and we are being overcome because of it. On the island of Patmos, John, in Revelation, is invited by God to "come up" to where He was. That invitation remains open to you and I. We need to leave our ground level lives and come up to where He is. He calls us up and give us the grace and power to come up. Do we come? Will we see, hear, and understand? Or do we get swept up in the spirit of the age? Do we reel about just as it does? Do we go on seeking our comfort zone while in the midst of a combat zone? Clear questions. Do we have clear answers?

Pastor O

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   June 2019   
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