The God Wave

"It happened that when the priests came from the holy place, the cloud filled the house of the Lord, so that the priests could not stand to minister because of the cloud, for the glory of the Lord filled the house of the Lord." I Kings 8:10-11....."The biggest awakening we need is not in the White House, but in the Church House." Tony Evans

The political pundits are spending a great deal of time debating as to what we'll witness in the coming November elections. One side sees a "blue wave," the other a "red one." Many are fascinated, even obsessed. Yet both are irrelevant in comparison with the true need not first of the nation, but of the Church. We are in need, desperate need, of a God Wave. Of what one called, "A Tsunami of the Holy Spirit" upon the Church. Yet how many of us are looking for that, much less expecting it? If such a move of the Spirit were to come upon the Church, your church, would we even welcome it? I Kings 8 describes the dedication of the Temple to the Lord by King Solomon. So mighty was the coming of the Spirit upon that gathering that His priests could not minister. That means that whatever they had been expecting to do, they couldn't. Their plans, their agenda, fell apart. It was God, all God. He filled everything, and there was no room for anyone else. What would happen in our church fellowships if He were to come in such a way with us? What would happen to our well planned and crafted worship sets, sermons, and schedules if He came in such a way that all we could do was fall before Him and worship? If the glory of the Lord filled our sanctuaries, would we still go on sending and receiving our text messages, and fiddle with our I phones? Would we be getting "antsy" as we neared the end of the hour? Would we even recognize His glory to begin with? How can we long for what we don't really know, and have possibly never experienced?

I try to listen to as little talk radio, and watch as little of the news channels as I can. We are looking for answers, for deliverance, from the White House, the Congress, and the Senate. We are putting our hopes upon these houses of government, upon the expected blue or red wave. We're looking out. The Father calls us to be looking up. Jerusalem is surrounded by hills which Scripture calls mountains. These were expected to be part of what kept them secure. Yet the Psalmist said he looked not to these mountains for his help, but to his God. It was on these mountains that they would build their "high places" in order to worship the false gods and idols they'd come to depend on. What "high places" have we built and depend upon now?

The state of our culture is a reflection of the state of His Church. The Father placed a terrible rebuke upon the nation of Israel, the people of God. He said that they had "done nothing to rescue the world." They were weak. They were worldly. They were of the world, but not in it. The comparison to the western church cannot be missed. We, who say we are His, must have as our deepest desire, the seeking of His face, His heart, His Spirit. God is moving. He will either move upon us, or He'll move past us. May we have that Tsunami of His Spirit. May we experience the God Wave that we so greatly need. A wave of His power, authority, wonder and above all, His holiness. May we, as 2 Chronicles 7:14 calls to us, "Humble ourselves, pray and seek His face. May we turn from our sins, that He will hear from heaven, forgive us, and heal our land."......and His Church. Maranatha! Come, Lord Jesus!

Pastor O

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