The Heart Whisperer

I hear this most gentle whisper from One
I never guessed would speak to me:  Psalm 81:5....."God's face is always towards us." Sheila Walsh


Movies and TV shows like "The Horse Whisperer," and "The Dog Whisperer" have been very popular in our culture. They showcase people who seem to have a deep connection with both animals. To me, they just point to the One who has the deepest connection possible with those that He has created, Father God, "The Heart Whisperer."


I love how the Bible translation "The Message" renders Psalm 81:5. If we're honest, most of us have likely felt the same way. Indeed, there is a portion of the Church that doesn't believe that God speaks to His people at all. He has said all He needs to say in His Word so that is sufficient for us. He has spoken through His Word, and He continues to speak through it, but I am humbled, grateful beyond words, that He continues to speak to me in personal, intimate, life changing ways. No, nothing that He speaks will ever contradict His revealed Word in His Bible, but He speaks. He whispers to my heart.....and always, like the two disciples on the Emmaus Road, my heart never ceases to feel strangely warm when He does.


He is the Heart Whisperer, but sadly, our lives are so filled with noise that most often, we don't hear Him. Busyness, needs, pressures of all kinds, emergencies of all sorts, these are the voices that we're much more inclined to hear. To hear the whisper of His grace requires a heart that has learned to be in tune with that whisper. When we have such hearts, His whisper is stronger, more clear, and more powerful than all the noises of this world. Noises that in all their gathered power cannot drown out the Voice of He who is the Heart Whisperer.

The Heart Whisperer knows our hearts far better and more deeply than we do or ever could. He knows what our deepest needs really are. He knows where the most cutting wounds lie, where the most heart breaking scars remain. It's the Heart Whisperer alone who knows the only way to bring real healing to our hearts, because in the whisper of His grace, there is healing for our lives. 


To be a human in this fallen world is to be lonely. No matter how hard we look to alleviate that loneliness, whether through relationships, sex, or a multitude of stimulants, the loneliness remains. There is only One, there has always been only One who is able to minister to that loneliness; the Heart Whisperer. That gaping hole that leads us to fear being alone, is filled by Him who promises to never leave us alone. The Heart Whisperer delivers us from that fear. He delivers us from all fear. And He does so with just a whisper. If we'll but hear Him.

Do you really know the Heart Whisperer? Are you experiencing in a deeply intimate way, the whisper of His grace....of His care....and His love? Or is your life more impacted by the world's noise and our enemy who works so efficiently through it? In the midst of it, He whispers your name. Can you hear Him? 

Pastor O


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