The Mystery


 "Simon Peter said, 'Lord, where are You going?' And Jesus replied, 'You can't go with me now, but you will follow Me later.' 'But why can't I come now Lord?' " John 13:30-31....."As we follow Jesus into uncertainty, we are free, in the words of Gerald G.May, to, 'join the dance of life in fullness without having a clue what the steps are.' " Alicia Britt Chole


How do you and I handle all those times when the Lord is purposely vague, even hidden as to what He's doing and leading to in our lives? Peter asked Him a direct question and Jesus gave anything but a direct answer. In my experience, He often, even rarely does. Yes, this is where faith and trust must enter in, but also His mystery. Not just about what is to come, but about Himself as well. We may like mysteries as far as entertainment value, but in our day to day spiritual walk, not so much. We prefer a Father, Son, and Holy Spirit who can be understood, figured out. Controlled. They are none of these. They will never be any of these. 

It has been seven decades since the movies featuring Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers were made, but even we with the proverbial "two left feet" cannot help but be amazed at the beauty of the dancing displayed by them both. Astaire led perfectly, and Rogers followed perfectly. It was as if they were one. They also never look anyplace but into each others eyes. I have heard it said somewhere that the Father invites us to dance with Him, "not looking at our feet, but into His eyes." In faith, in trust, with mystery. Following Him in the dance even when we have no idea what the steps may be.

A man named Jeremy Taylor remarked in essence, that a faith without mystery is a faith without God. We do not like any real mystery in our relationship with Him. We want daily "briefing sessions" where He explains Himself, shares with us, and basically, gets our OK on the agenda. We want to look at our feet. He calls us to gaze into His face. We want to seize control, He commands us to surrender all control to Him. Surrender it all to Him simply because He tells us that He is totally good, and total love, and that the depths of His goodness and love are infinite. That means beyond knowing to our very finite minds. It leaves room for a lot of mystery. Do we have any room in our faith for that mystery?

Jesus knew that what He was telling His disciples as He prepared for His crucifixion would leave them very befuddled. He also knew that in time, they would understand. They would know, and they would follow Him. They would follow Him into the mystery. Does He know this about you? About me? Will He ever?

Chole speaks about "avoidance mechanisms" that we employ to avoid the journey into the mystery that is the three in one God. In short, when we can't "solve" the mystery of Him and the questions and uncertainty it brings, we employ lots of different means of avoiding it altogether. What might be the avoidance mechanisms in our lives? Have we any idea at all of what we miss when we employ them? He calls us to dance with Him, and enter into mystery beyond, as Ephesians tells us, " all we could ask or think." A mystery that will  unfold as we enter into the unending dance with Him. A mystery infinitely more than any book or movie could ever supply. Are we ready for the dance?


Pastor O


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