"And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose for them." Romans 8:28...."Jesus Christ was maintained in God's strength all the way through because He was dominated by the sense of His mission. because He kept firm His purpose." T. Austin-Sparks


Among the American Indian plains tribes were a number of warrior societies whose members would take a vow that in battle, they would not retreat from their position. To mark this, they carried with them a stake and length of twine. They would wrap the twine around their ankle and drive the stake into the ground. They would then stand and fight. They would prevail, or they would die, but they would not retreat. They stood their ground. They held to their post. How much more should this be the heart attitude of they who follow Christ?


Sparks words concerning Jesus Christ are powerful. No one ever has or ever will face what He faced. Neither has anyone ever had the mission and purpose that He had, or faced the overwhelming adversity that He did. Flesh could not prevail in such a place. Jesus was sustained by the strength of His Father, and the steadfast knowledge of His purpose and His mission. He would not be moved. And because of the power of His Life, we need not be either. Yet are we moved? And if so, how easily does that happen?


A common term for those who serve in the military is that of being "posted" to a place of service. Sometimes those posts are wonderful, in exotic and beautiful locales. More often though, they are in places that few would willingly choose. The expectation of those who send them though is that they serve faithfully and fully. They stand their post, no matter where, and no matter how long. This is what they signed up for, and they have a purpose and mission. Their leaders expect them to be sustained by that purpose and mission.....If this is so for them, how much more must it be so for those who are His?


To serve and follow Him is to go wherever it is that He chooses to place us. Our post. In our natural thinking, we all want the choice postings. Highly visible, abundantly rewarding, and noticed by all. Everyone is willing to sign on for that. Very few would ever choose a posting that had as its description, "the backside of the desert." Yet that is exactly where He tends to send His people. Few get the paradise location. Most find themselves out of sight, often out of mind. A disaster for the one ruled by the flesh. Those who walk in His Spirit know that they are not out of His sight or mind. And in that knowledge of purpose and mission, maintained by His strength, they man their post. Faithfully and fully.


Sparks said that "A walk in the Spirit demands a circumcised heart." Such a heart lays hold of His strength and life. It's sustained by it. Flourishes in it. Even on the backside of the desert. It drives a "stake" into the ground, and attaches itself to it. It will not be moved. The stake is the cross. The hemp cord is the blood of Christ. Such a one won't be moved. Such a one prevails, regardless of what might appear to be. 


Where has the Father posted you? That question covers far more than those who may be pastors and shepherds. It speaks to those who serve in a myriad of places and ways for Him. As husbands and wives, employees, fellowship members, leaders, followers, the people of God, wherever He has placed them. Have you driven your stake into the ground there? Have you attached your hemp cord? Will you be immovable, and move only at His leading? Will you not only walk in the Spirit with a circumcised heart, but also stand in the Spirit with the same? Serving His purpose by His strength. Immovable to the end. Standing your post....in Him.....even if it is the backside of the desert.


Pastor O

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