The Searchers

"Simon and his companions went searching for Him." Mark 1:36....."Whenever we see Peter coming to Jesus, he is always accompanied by others. Because Peter was seeking Jesus, others sought Him too. What are you known for by those who know you best? Do they see you searching for fame, power, success, or happiness? Are you a person who seeks after Jesus?" Henry Blackaby

Back in the 1950's, John Wayne starred in a classic western called, "The Searchers." The story revolved around the character played by Wayne, and a younger companion, played by Jeff Hunter, searching throughout the west for Wayne's niece, taken captive by the Commanches. They spent years looking for her, and every other aspect of their lives was secondary to their finding her. In the end they did, and brought her home.

A great story. When it comes to your and my story concerning our seeking Him, is it also a great one? In His Word, being "single eyed" in our walk with Him is much talked of. It means that nothing else gets in the way of our line of sight to Him. Whatever else might be to the side or beyond, cannot displace our seeing Him. Our seeking Him. Blackaby asks if others know us as this kind of seeker after Him. Do they? More, does the Father Himself know us as such?

Peter was a greatly flawed man. He spoke too quickly, and too boldly. Oftentimes his actions did not match his intentions. More than once, in fact many times, he failed his Lord Jesus. Even so, throughout the gospels, we see a man who, despite all of his failings, was always seeking His Lord. More, there was always someone with him when he did. Is our seeking of Him to the degree that it attracts others to the search as well? Do they want to get sight of the One we see? His Word says that we cannot come to Him unless first the Father draws us. How strongly has He been able to draw you? Is your line of sight so filled with other things, other people, other goals, that they are what's before you...and He is relegated to being somewhere off to the side. In our peripheral vision, but not our central? Are we single eyed, or double minded?

Wayne's character gave years of his life seeking after something, someone that he wanted. He sought what was good. Maybe that is exactly what you and I have been doing as well; seeking the good and completely missing the One who is Best. His grace seeks to draw you to Himself. What does the eye of your heart now see? Is it Him? As others watch your life and mine, what do they see us gazing at? Even in what we call "ministry," is our eye upon Him, or the results that we're looking for. Are our eyes so centered upon ourselves that we can't even discern His presence? If any of that is so, and likely, it is to some degree in each of us, He has "balm" for our eyes. Let us allow Him to apply it. Let us be able to once more see Him. Let our eyes be He brings us home to Himself.

Pastor O

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