The Streetlight

19 “Because of your great compassion you did not abandon them in the wilderness. By day the pillar of cloud did not fail to guide them on their path, nor the pillar of fire by night to shine on the way they were to take. Nehemiah 9:19..."I don't live under a street light." James Robison

James Robison speaks simple but powerful words in the above quote. They're words we must take heed of, because we are prone to the streetlight kind of spiritual life. We're prone to find a comfortable place that contains the light we've received to that point, and to stop and make a life there. His Light that led us to that place was good for that day. It will not be sufficient for this day, or the for the days yet to come. The people of Israel, in their journey out of Egypt, into the wilderness, and to the land of promise, were led by pillars of cloud and fire. They moved at varying speeds, but they were never stationary for very long. They were always moving forward. In our spiritual lives, in your spiritual life, can the same be said?

In the Old Testament, God spoke of His listeners having their eyes set upon the "land of far distances," the land that is "very far off." It was the land that was always ahead of them. A land they were to always be journeying towards. A land that always demanded another step forward. It was first and foremost a spiritual land. It was there for them, and it is there for us. Do we have our eyes upon it, or, do we live under the streetlight, and can only see the limited range of what the streetlight illuminates?

I've a friend who likes to use the illustration of the mountain climbing group who reached the hostel half-way up the mountain. Many were tired, and the comfort they found there was very attractive. Those attractions had a greater pull upon most of the climbers than did the call of the summit. They stayed at the hostel while the few pushed on. In doing so, they were robbed of experiencing the grandeur of all to be seen upon that summit. Their sight was limited by what they saw immediately around the hostel. The same happens to us when we choose to cease the journey, and make our home under the "streetlight." Today, which group are you and I a part of spiritually? Those who reach the summit of His call, who follow the fire of His Light that draws us ever onward? Or, have we found a convenient street light and made that our dwelling place....instead of Him. Yesterday's light will never be enough for today's need.

The land of far distances is before us every moment of every day. Do we see it? Are we even aware that it's there? Has the brightness of our streetlight robbed us of seeing anything beyond its perimeter? He's placed it before us, and His Light is moving towards it. Will we follow, or will we remain. Yesterday's light was enough for yesterday. It will not do for today. Will we be fooled into thinking it is?

Pastor O

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