The Testimony

 "And they overcame him because of the blood of the Lamb, and because of the word of their testimony." Revelation 12:11.....".....for death could not keep Him in its grip." Acts 2:24


In my prayer journal I have written down, "He is King of kings and Lord of lords." It's a truth that I want to live by and in. There are times when I don't live as if that's true. Where circumstances, needs, and the opposition of hell seek to pull me away from my standing on that truth. Yet though I forget, He never does. And when those things, and so many others try to crowd out and blind me to this fact, that still small voice that speaks so loudly and clearly, whispers in my ear anew, "I AM King of kings and Lord of lords." When death and darkness seek to choke out His Life and Light in my life, He brings to my heart again His Truth. No amount of death and darkness, and not all the power of hell can keep Him in its grip. And since my life is in Him, it cannot keep me in its grip either. So if they cannot, why do we so often fall prey to them?

By the blood of Christ we are free. By His blood, we have free and total access to the Father and to all the power, unlimited power, at His disposal. This does not mean we will not be faced with tremendous challenges and total impossibilities. It doesn't mean that we won't see situations where "everything is against us." We will. Perhaps often. But if we will truly stand in Him, not just repeating memorized truths, but actually living in those truths, we will, as Revelation says, overcome all the power of darkness, death, and hell by the blood of Christ and the power and truth of our testimony. The death grip on us is broken. His Life grip is now in effect.

Watchman Nee said, "Satan... does not mind our knowledge of the Bible or our theology, but he has to yield when, out of hearts committed to Christ, we declare that Jesus Christ is Lord." On the battlefronts of our lives today, is the enemy yielding to the truth that we serve and live in a risen Savior? Are we the overcomers, or is he the overwhelmer? Do we believe and live in His truth, and so in His grip? Or, have we bought his lies, and so live in the grip of those lies? 

He is King of kings and Lord of lords. We know that. It's our theology. Is it the witness and testimony of our lives? The enemy has convinced us that victory will only come when we leave this realm. Till then, he has the upper hand and our lives will reflect that. It's a lie. Have we accepted it? What's the word of our testimony? Whose grip do we live in today? Overcoming or overwhelmed. One or the other is our witness. Which is it? One.......or the other?



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