"The grass withers, the flower fades, but the Word of our God will stand forever." Isaiah 40:8......"Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever." Hebrews 13:8...."Men and women set themselves as judges of what the Lord has said - and so they stand with pride and judge the Lord." A.W. Tozer


Someone told me recently that I should be living back in the 1950's. They said this because of my belief system, which they thought was much outdated, and not in step with current popular thought. Their statement brought to mind a lot of things; the great deception the world is currently under, has always been under, as well as its ongoing desire to label "truth" as relative. Something that changes with time and circumstance. But what stands out is that "current popular thought" will always clash with the unchanging truth of His Word....which really does and will stand forever.

We are living in a time when open ridicule of the truth of His Word is everywhere....even within some quarters of the professing church. I have been amazed at some of the interpretations of Scripture being put forth by those who belong to those segments. They always seem to point to "new, more recent" interpretations put forth by "modern scholars." Basically, they say that what was held as truth for more than three thousand years, really isn't. That due to ignorance, error, and misunderstanding, we simply missed what the Father really meant. What Jesus really said. What the Holy Spirit really revealed. It never ceases to amaze me that those who stand in such places never see the deep pride they walk in. A pride that makes them think that they, and they alone possess the wisdom and intelligence to see and know what God really meant, what Christ really said, and what the Holy Spirit really revealed. I think Scripture is fulfilled when they "thinking themselves wise, became fools." The world has always lived in deception. Too much of the church in the west has fallen under it as well. Yet I believe, more than ever, that the power, authority, and truth of His eternal Word, will not only stand, but prevail in a world and culture where darkness appears to be victorious. Someone once said something to the effect that His resurrection life and truth will prevail in a world where death and darkness get all the attention. Death and darkness are certainly getting the attention, but Truth has not abdicated its place. It not only will prevail,... He who is Truth, already has.

I don't mind if someone says I ought to be in another time. In a sense, they're right. Only it is not another time I live in, but another place. His Kingdom. There is no time there. It is life in His unchanging life. His Word is true. His life is true. He is true. He will stand, and all else will fall. We, who call ourselves His, must know and live this. It is not what the world says. It is not what a misguided, even deceived segment of the church says. It is what He says. And He says it in and with power and authority. It is our part to walk in that power and authority. He stands forever, and so do we when we stand in Him. He is unchanging, and we will always find Him so when we look to and trust in Him. Let others mock. We know Him who is Truth. And He who is Truth, makes us free.

Pastor O  


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