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"For who is greater, the one who is at the table, or the one who serves? Is it not the one who is at the table? But I am among you as One who serves." Luke 22:27


It's very common these days to see Pastor's described according to job description. Worship Pastor, Administrative Pastor, Teaching Pastor, and most common, Lead Pastor. Now, before I write anything else, please know I am not denigrating anyone holding these titles. I get the reasoning. Personally, I've never had to make use of any of them. I've always been "the Only Pastor," in any place I've served. And that's really what I want to write about today.

Yesterday I read a powerful writing by a fellow pastor that told of his experience in a local Waffle House that he frequented almost every morning. Both the folks who worked there, and those who ate there were a pretty rough bunch. There was one man in particular who was extremely abrasive to everyone. On one such morning, he turned his wrath upon this pastor, showing his displeasure with him with a string of curses. Immediately the two waitresses came to his defense and upbraided the man, also with a string of curses. In effect they said, "Back off you bleep, this bleeping guy is a man of God. He's our bleeping pastor. The pastor related how these waitresses had never come to his church, or given his fellowship a dime, but that in his times there, he'd had chances to counsel them, pray with them, share Scripture with them. They, warts and all, considered him their pastor. It didn't end there. A few days later, he encountered the man again, and the man was more respectful, even shared about his life, and the harshness of it. He asked the pastor if he would pray for him. He wouldn't let him pray for him there, because he felt unworthy. The pastor did so. A few days later, in the waffle house again, the waitresses told him that the man son's had just accidentally shot and killed himself. Moved, the pastor prepared a meal for the family, took it to them, and let them know he was there for them should they need him. The man told him that they could only afford the cheapest of funeral arrangements, but asked if he would come to their home and lead a memorial service for their son. He agreed, and was able to minister life to them in that time.......The pastor emphasized that none of this resulted in these folks becoming a part of his church, adding to his numbers, increasing his finances. Yet they all looked to him as their pastor, and knowingly or not, as the representation of Christ to them. All of this is powerful in itself, yet it is how the man signed his writing that struck me the deepest. He simply gave his name and called himself, "Lead Follower." I thought on that for a moment, and added a a few more, "Lead Servant, Lead Giver, Lead Bond-slave of Christ." Then I wondered how many of us, not just pastors, could have such titles written after our names? Can the Lord Himself write them after our name?

There are so many books written on leadership. How many focus on this kind of leadership? Vision casting, goal setting, I expect they have their place, but the expectation is always results oriented. Christ said He came among them as One who serves. That was His focus. Is it truly ours? What would happen if we truly became Lead Followers, Servants, Bond-slaves of Christ? Not only pastors, but fathers, mothers, husbands, wives, employees, community members, people of God? 


The only title we will ever really have is the one given us by Him. What is yours and mine? It matters very much to Him what it is. Does it matter to us as well? What we call ourselves means nothing. What He calls us means everything. He came and continues to come among us as One who serves. We are also among them. In what way have we come?

Pastor O


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