White Knuckle Faith

"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." Hebrews 11:1

In response to one of my recent "Heart Thoughts," a good friend, who with her husband, serve a fellowship in Colorado, wrote me and said that in the midst of an ever darker culture, and a weakened church, they were holding on in "white knuckled faith" for the church. I thought about that phrase. It would seem it is perhaps the most appropriate description of the kind of faith, belief in Him, that must be exercised in these days we live in.
It might be that some read my writings and think I have little hope for the Body of Christ, that all is dark, hope is dim, and all we can do is wait for the end, when Jesus comes back. Nothing could be further from the truth. Surely there are consequences for sin. Surely too, the surrounding culture has had more impact upon the church than the church has had on it. In many ways, the church more resembles a well-oiled corporate organization than it does a living organism grounded in His Spirit and Life. I believe in a just God who is also Judge. I believe too that in every case, He is more anxious to save, redeem, renew, and awaken than He ever will be to judge. Mercy triumphs over judgement, and always will.....until that mercy is continually rejected to the point where all that will be left is judgement. I do not believe such a place has yet been reached, and like my friends, I hold on in "white knuckle faith" that the redeeming, renewing, awakening God will, through His Holy Spirit, explode unto His church. I believe too that, starting with His servants in the pulpit, down through the leadership of His church, and unto all those who gather in His name, His call to us is to hold on to Him with expectation and obedience, in white knuckle faith.

I believe this to be so not only in matters as concerns the church, but in every matter in the life of a believer. Jesus would often make a declaration to His listener and follow it with the question, "Do you believe this?" In these days, the Truth of what He has spoken, what the Father has spoken, throughout all of His Word, is being tested and challenged like never before. Our rational, logical culture has left little place for the miraculous and supernatural, and especially for what is His absolute Truth. If our minds can't grasp it, explain it, understand it, we reject it. So, into every area of life will come that which He has spoken, and His question, "Do you believe this?" More deeply each time, believing Him will require of us to exercise "white knuckle faith." In matters of health, finance, relationships, morality, and most importantly, spiritual life in Him, we will need to hold on in that kind of faith. To have a hope like Abraham's, "Who against all hope, in hope, believed." White knuckle faith is nothing new for the people of God. Yet is it new to you? Is it known to you? Have you, have I, the will to exercise it, even when, like Abraham, you see no visible reason to do so?
Again, this is what He is calling us to. A faith that will not let Him go, as He gives to us His love that will not let us go. Yes, there will be consequences, terrible ones, for those who will not believe, but for those who will not let go, will not give up, the reward at the end of it all will, as the old hymn sings, "be worth it all." Wherever you are right now, in ministry, in life, hold on. With white knuckle faith. The One you hold to, holds you.

Pastor O

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