The Greatest Disability


     Nick Vujicic, a man born without arms or legs, said that, "Fear is the greatest disability of all."  Beth Moore once remarked that we need to, "Know the power that dread has over us."  Fear and dread.  These are two things that most, if not all of us live with to some degree every moment of every day.  They do disable us.  They do have seemingly unlimited power over us.  They are tyrants, jailers, and they hold us in chains.  We know that Jesus said seemingly numberless times that we are to "Fear not," yet this is a command we seem completely unable to obey.  Why? Do we consciously disregard Him?   Are we refusing to hear Him?  Is our unbelief that great?  I think the answer is both yes, and no.  Let's look a little deeper.
     All of us know how paralyzing fear can be, especially in the spiritual realm.  We are robbed of boldness, strength, and faith.  We're also made blind to Him in the midst of it.  It is the greatest disability.  How can we be free of it?  Can we be free of it?  This is not to mean that fear will never make an appearance in our lives.  We're human, and there are things that will happen that our first and human reaction to will be fear.  What we need to understand is that our reaction that brings forth fear can be overcome, completely, by how we respond to it in Christ.  The flesh reacts, but in the Spirit, we can respond.  So what is the key to all of this?
     T. Austin-Sparks said that "Freedom comes when we are satisfied in Him, and stop trying to satisfy Him."  Think on this a moment and see if we can realize that fear finds a "beachhead" in our lives right here.  We are afraid in some way that we are not pleasing Him, not satisfying Him, so we work harder to do that.  All the while there exists the fear that we're not pleasing Him at all.  Fear has a base to operate from, and then it reaches its tentacles out and works in more and more areas of our lives.  I think the majority of us are not truly finding our satisfaction in Him, and one of the great results of this is that we don't really know Him.  Therefore we're always trying to figure out what He wants from us, and so we're always afraid that we're missing it.  Fear is at work.  Sparks says that what is key is to realize just who and what we are occupied with?  If we are occupied with ourselves, then we will revert to "type," and everything in life will pass through our perspective and understanding, and along with this will come an ever deepening realization of how unable we are to control any of it.  We can do nothing then but live in fear.....of everything. When we are occupied with Him, we are then abiding in Him.  Jesus said that apart from Him, "We can do nothing."  Especially exercise any real control.  When we are occupied, abiding with and in Him, we not only know that we can do nothing, but we come into ever deeper understanding that He can do anything and everything.  We are living in the realm of "Nothing is impossible with God."  We live looking at Him, and not the things that threaten us.  Fear, dread, or any other bondage, cannot stand in His Presence.  They have to release us.  In Him, we are free.
     His Word tells us that, "Beholding.....we are changed."  If we live beholding ourselves and how everything around us affects us, then we will surely more and more be changed into people totally occupied with ourselves and how everything in life affects us.  If we live beholding Him, we will more and more be changed into His likeness, and more and more enter into His freedom.  We no longer try to be free, no longer try to please Him by our own efforts, but we are free and satisfied in Him.  We don't live in captivity to what's going on around us, but in freedom with He who reigns and lives within us.  The power of the greatest disability is broken.
    To what degree are we living under the power of that disability?  How much control are fear and dread exercising in our lives?  Jesus told us to "Occupy" until He comes.  We will occupy....and be occupied with, and by something and someone.  The question is with what....ourselves, or Him?  Beholding we are changed.  What and Who are we beholding?

Pastor O 
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