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"When he lies he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies." John 8:44...."The use of a counterfeit is satan's most natural method of resisting the purpose of God." Stephen Slocum....."The best lies are slight variations on the truth." Chris Tiegreen

If you've been a professing follower of Christ for any amount of time than you "know" that satan is a liar. You likely know, or should, that Jesus called him the "father of lies." Armed with this knowledge, why is it that so many who say they are His, fall into the lies and traps of the enemy....and very often at that? Why is it that many are often deceived, indeed, live in a state of deception? How has he been able to blind so many to that which is Truth and instead get them to embrace a lie....lies? Last question.....Just where is it that he may have succeeded, is succeeding, in getting you to believe his lies?

We are masters, in our flesh, at believing, rationalizing, justifying, what it is we want to believe and do. Even when those beliefs and actions collide with the revealed truth of His Word and Words. It has always been so in the world, but it is rampant in the church as well. The devil's great ploy with Eve in the Garden was to ask her as to the Father's clear direction to not eat of the fruit the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, "Did God really say that?" He spoke his native language, and she was deception. His tactics have not changed at all, and throughout His Church, the enemy continues to put that question before His people as to the full authority and truth of His Word: "Did God really say that?" As we entertain that question, the door is then opened for him to present his counterfeit "truth," his "slight variation," and deception and destruction are, and will always be the result. His Word will never lose its power, but it will lose its power in and to us when we begin to believe a counterfeit, a variation, of what it is He has said. That He has spoken, and still speaks. We end up a powerless Church, filled with powerless lives and people. We end up with a counterfeit as to what God's love actually is, and how it ministers, reaches out to, and deals with both those who are His, and those who are not. We end up with "slight variations" on what grace, mercy, justice, and yes, His wrath, actually are, and his lie becomes our truth. His deception, our reality.

Jesus said that his lies were his native language. Is there anyplace where we, by justifying our sin, rationalizing our behavior, telling ourselves that "God didn't really say that," have adopted that language as well? In His Word, it was said of the people of Israel that they were "drunk on a spirit of delusion." That same spirit is everywhere in this age. What inroads have it, with its lies and delusions, made into your life, relationships, and church fellowship? Is there any place where you, we, have embraced the counterfeit, the slight variation? For the power of the lie to be broken, we must bring all it is that we have believed about Him, His Word, and yes, ourselves before the One who is Truth. With a willingness to know His Truth, which He has promised to reveal to us. Having every lie dispelled can be painful, a "bitter persuasion" as a song put it, but also as the song said, "it's end is so sweet." Truth always is. Will we in all things, know His Truth, and be free....from the lies, the counterfeit, the slight variations?

Pastor O

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