Heart Thoughts - The Inheritance 5/24/17

The Inheritance


That is why the Levites have no share or inheritance among their fellow Israelites; the LORD is their inheritance, as the LORD your God told them.)...Deuteronomy 10:9...

..."Furthermore, because of Christ we have received an inheritance from God." Ephesians 1:11


A common plot line in books and movies are children who are deeply dissatisfied with their inheritance; what their parent)s) left them. Their reaction is almost always bitterness, anger, even hatred. They thought it should be more, much more. When it comes to what we have from our Father, in Christ, how like them might we be?

Many years ago, I was entangled in a deep dispute with someone over the things of this life as compared to the things of the Kingdom. They wanted many things of which I did not have the ability to provide, at least at that time. It wasn't that I didn't want them for them, but that I knew it would be the height of foolishness to try and lay hold of them with no real means of doing so, apart from acquiring ruinous debt. I remember citng the above Scripture from Deuteronomy, that the Lord has promised to be our portion. I did so with the intent that they would understand that in His being that to us, He would provide His best if we would trust and follow His leading. We might not have all we want right now, but we would have all His best all of the time. Their answer still makes me tremble; "I hate when you say that."


I wonder how often we say the same, if not with our words, than surely with our actions and attitudes? To what degree do we, even now, despise our inheritance in Him? In this world, with all the "treasures" it places before our eyes, do we find ourselves yearning more for them than we do Him?
I wonder what the majority of the Levites might have thought when they saw their fellow Israelites being given large tracts of land in the new and promised placethey had entered? Were they jealous, angry, resentful? Were they disappointed that their brethren received so much visible wealth, and their portion was the unseen God? It all depends on what our eyes are truly seeing, doesn't it? It depends on what our hearts really treasure and value .


There is nothing wrong with having desires for the beautiful things that can be found in this world. Our question is, do we covet them above Him? He does give us so much. I write this while sitting in a home He miraculously gave me, one I never thought to have. I enjoy it greatly, along with all the other blessings He has bestowed, but I have learned, and continue to learn, something through they years. All of this must be held loosely. None of it can be my security. Beth Moore said that if our security is found in anything or anyone other than Him, it is there that we will be most vulnerable to attack. It is there we will be most in danger of abandoning Him.

As I've written in the last few devotionals, we who are His are His royal priesthood. We are His modern day Levites, and He remains our portion. Our inheritance will never be found in this world. We are caretakers at best, and what is ours is not really ours at all. There is only One who is, and He is found in three forms, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The Father is our portion. Christ is our inheritance, and the Holy Spirit is Their Presence within us always. If we reject this, we become nothing more than "pickers" rooting through the world's junkyard, treasuring things covered in rust.

Who and what is your portion? Who is your inheritance. Do you embrace the riches found in Him, or despise what He offers as a mere pittance in comparison to the passing gold of this world? He gives us Himself. Everything else is rusty junk in comparison. Do we really believe this? Is that what we're really living?


Pastor O