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Heart Thoughts Knowing 1/7/12

In his book, Things Unseen – Living In The Light Of Forever, Mark Buchanan tells of the death, following a long struggle with cancer, of his college mentor are professor, Dr. Klaus Bockmuehl.  The Doctor, on his deathbed, surrounded by his family, breathed these last words as he stepped into the fullness of eternity: “I know that my Redeemer lives.”  I was moved as I read that, and not only because it shows the great man’s deep faith in his Father at the end of his life.  It was because I knew that he spoke from a sense of “knowing.”  A knowing that sprung from a life that lived not just for eternity for eternity, but in eternity now.  He knew his Redeemer lived because he was alive in Him now.  Dr. Bockmuehl spoke from Job 19, and in this passage Job goes on to say “And after my body has decayed yet in my body I will see God.  I will see Him for myself.  Yes I will see Him with my own eyes.  I am overwhelmed at the thought.”  Job too spoke from a sense of knowing.  A knowing that overwhelmed him.  I wonder, when was the last time you and I were overwhelmed at the wonder of knowing Him?
     I think we’re more prone to be overwhelmed by life and all it’s troubles and demands.  We’re overwhelmed by our schedules, our obligations, our bills.  We’re overwhelmed by our problems, our needs, our desires.  We may well live in the midst of the most overwhelmed culture th world has ever known.  We “know” our Redeemer lives, out there, someplace, somewhere, but that place seems very far away on most days.  Once or twice a week in our “worship community”, small group or prayer cell, with our fellow overwhelmed, we gather for a few words of promised, but mostly unrealized peace, joy, and abundance.  Then we rush out the door and back to our routine.  We allow the Father, or at least the thought of Him, to invade our lives for a few hours or so, but then we must get back to the “business” of living.  When it comes to Kingdom life, we’re mostly pedestrians, not partakers.  We like to hear about it, but know little or nothing of participating in it.  We know that He’s our Redeemer, but it seems that little of our lives have truly been redeemed.  We know how to live around Him, but experience little, if anything of lving in Him.  In the words of Maxie Dunnam, we’ve “Missed that crucial dimension of the Christian experience – the indwelling Christ.,” and as a result, “There’s little evidence of the power of this reality in our lives.” 
    In our day to day lives, we, as Buchanan says, “Get through them but rarely live in them.”  We just scratch off the days of the calendar.  We have knowledge that our Redeemer lives, but somehow, He never, or rarely enters into the midst of them.  We live at themercy of the events and circumstances of those days.  We’re overwhelmed by the knowledge of our lives situations, not by the wonder of His life available to us in the midst of them.  We keep marking the days of on the calendar, knowing one day they, along with our lives, will run out.  And we fear that.  Yet for those who truly live in the knowing, , this can never be so.  Paul said that for him, “To live is Christ and to die is gain.”  His death might come at the hands of Rome, or cancer, or heartfailure, or old age, or any number of ways.  Ours may as well, but his life, and ours, will never be in any hands but His.  That is the fruit of living life in the knowing.  Knowing our Redeemer lives.
    In His word we’re asked, “How then shall we live?”  How do you and I answer that?  A good friend said recently that the Father is showing him that he needs to not so much ask for the right answers from Him, but instead, be shown how to ask of Him the right questions.  We always want answers about the overwhelming, but in reality, surface aspects of life.  We always ask “Why?”  He calls us to as “Who?”  To live in the knowing, we’ll need to leave the shallows of life and enter into the deep places of His life.  We’ll then live in the knowing.  Knowing our Redeemer lives, not not in some vague way, but in a deeply intimate one.  We will know because we see Him, in the midst of all, we know Him.  We cannot be overwhelmed by outward things, because we’ve been overwhelmed by Him in our hearts and spirits.  We live with the certainty, and so can leave this realm with the certainty that “Our Redeemer lives!”

Pastor O

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